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Classical Drawing Atelier Published

The book Classical Drawing Atelier (recently reviewed by ARC) is now available through It is a fabulous overview of the methods taught in contemporary ateliers and includes a great set of example drawings taken from contemporary, 19th century, and old master works.

The author Juliette Aristides will be interviewed in an upcoming Art Renewal Audio podcast.

Posted Monday, February 12th, 2007

New Artist Letters Added

8 new artist letters

  • Added Louise Abbema [3]; John George Brown [1]; John Bagnold Burgess [1]; Edward Burne-Jones [4]; Horace de Callias [3]; Frantz Charlet [1]; Leon Cogniet [1]; George Vicat Cole [1].
  • Posted Monday, February 12th, 2007

    An Interview with Artist/Teacher Dana Levin, One of ARC’s First Scholarship Winners
    y first impression of Dana Levin on beginning our phone interview was that she was a young woman filled with enthusiasm and energy. Dana loves what she does…she paints, she teaches, and she does both very well. Dana has loved to draw and paint since she was a child, but teaching has become another source of great satisfaction. We are all blessed when a fine painter is willing to take the time to mentor the next generation. Dana finds working with young people inspiring and a source of rejuvenation for her own work. Allowing her students to enter her own private studio to watch her paintings evolve is a source of pleasure for her and for her students, not to mention the additional educational value that such an opportunity offers an artist in training… See rest of the article

    Echo 2005
    by Dana Levin

    24 x 30 inches
    Posted Monday, February 12th, 2007

    New Artworks Added

    2/7/2007: 25 new works of art

  • Added Geraldine Jacoba Van De Sande Bakhuyzen [1]; Alexandre Calame [1]; Joseph Clark [1]; Hans Dahl [1]; William Turner Delonde [1]; Arthur John Elsley [1]; William Powell Frith [1]; Theodore Gerard [1]; John Atkinson Grimshaw [2]; Ralph Hedley [1]; Charles Napier Hemy [1]; William Holyoake [1]; David James [1]; Henry John Yeend King [1]; Jules Leroy [1]; Frederick Morgan [1]; Erskine Nicol [1]; George van Nuffel [1]; Alfred Patten [1]; Alexander M. Rossi [1]; Nathaniel Sichel [1]; Eloise Harriet Stannard [2]; Walter Williams [1].
  • Posted Monday, February 12th, 2007