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4th ARC International Salon Competition Results

The judging for the 4th ARC International Salon Competition will be completed on Monday. As stated in the prospectus, only winners and finalists will be notified.

The ARC International Salon Competition is a virtual version of the 19th Century Paris Salon. Each year we are amazed at the quality of work submitted by contemporary realists, some at the beginning of their careers and some of the most well-respected artists living today-and this year is no exception.

The popular ARC Salon Catalog featuring the work of the finalists will be available for a pre-publication price in December.

Posted Friday, November 30th, 2007

ARC Memberships

ARC is an IRS Recognized 501C3 Educational Foundation.
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Posted Monday, November 19th, 2007

ARC To Donate Painting Books

ARC has announced that it will be donating ten copies of Virgil Elliot’s recently released book Traditional Oil Painting to a series of academic libraries and museums in order to help promote the ideas in the book and to help boost sales among the larger number of people aware of it.

Posted Sunday, November 18th, 2007

A Letter to ARC

I recently found your site and I really am very moved by it.

I go to school of visual arts in Manhattan and I am in my third year studying illustration.

I definitely find it very funny because a lot of my teachers say students should steal from this artist and steal from that artist. I always find it weird and then the Chair of Illustration: I was talking to him about the body’s exhibitions and he says that its sick and that you can find out about anatomy from looking at photos. I definitely would like to meet some people with the Art Renewal Center before I leave SVA but I definitely think I want to leave I really enjoyed listening to this speech by Fred Ross and I definitely agree that good art takes patience and understanding of humanity and not just looking at a photo and then moving on.

My uncle does photo realistic art here is his website

Please email me back.

Thanks so much,
Scott Ferguson

Posted Monday, November 12th, 2007

Bouguereaus Lead Sotheby’s 19th Century Auction
6 Paintings by William Bouguereau dominated Sotheby’s 19th Century Auction on October 23rd. Amazingly, of 276 paintings sold, the 6 Bouguereaus represented fully 35% of the $25,000,000 sale.

The pace at which prices for William Bouguereau’s paintings continue to rise affirms his position as the most important of the 19th Century Academic artists. His prices have begun to approach sales of Impressionists and Modern Artworks.

L’Amour au Papillon
by William Bouguereau
Sold for: $993,000

by William Bouguereau
Sold for: $2,393,000

Posted Thursday, November 1st, 2007