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Two Articles by ARC Director of Operations Published
Two more articles have been published in the Epoch Times by ARC Director of Operation’s, Kara Lysandra Ross.

Forgotten Female Artists of the 19th Century was published on September 25th and focuses on Elizabeth Gardener Bouguereau, Elizabeth Thompson, Lady Laura Alma-Tadema, Evelyn De Morgan, and Eleanor Fortescue Brickdale.

The most recent, published October 19th, is titled Art Investment: Risk and Reward. It is geared for new collectors or those who are not well educated in the field. More and more people are turning to art as a serious form of investment and this article lays down the basics for interested parties.

farmers daughter
Posted Friday, October 28th, 2011

Ani Art Academy Waichulis’ Capturing Realism 2011 Exhibition
aaaw Ani Art Academy Waichulis’ Capturing Realism 2011 Exhibition

Ani Art Academy Waichulis’ Capturing Realism 2011 Exhibition opens this Saturday October 29th. The Waichulis Studio’s Capturing Realism exhibit has become a highly anticipated showcase lauded by critics and collectors alike on a national scale. Now, almost 14 years since its’ inception, this widely celebrated exhibit represents the efforts of a movement that will reach around the globe…

To view more on this exhibition and others please visit our Exhibition Page.

Posted Thursday, October 27th, 2011

Extension of Bastien-Lepage Gallery
In honor of Fred and Sherry Ross’s 42nd wedding anniversary we have over doubled the size of the Jules Bastien-Lapage Gallery, including many new high resolution images, studies, and details.

To view the gallery click here.

joan of arc
Posted Wednesday, October 19th, 2011

Max Ginsburg Reviews
busstop Congratulations to Max Ginsburg and the success of his show at The Butler Institute which spawned two positive reviews, one in The Youngstown Vindicator and another by Ray Steiner in Art Times.

Coinciding with his retrospective, Ginsburg is offering a newly published coffee table book.

The below is a note from ARC Chairman Fred Ross to Max Ginsburg, Best in Show winner of the Art Renewal Center 2010/2011 International Salon Competition:

"Your work has truly blossomed to world class on all levels, including technical prowess and compositional and poetic brilliance.
We will cherish your book."

Posted Monday, October 17th, 2011

2011-2012 Prospectus Update
To all interested applicants of the 2011-2012 Art Renewal Center International Salon Competition. We are currently finishing our new automated submission system. In the meantime, please see the Salon Prospectus, which contains all pertinent information to the Salon so that competitors can start thinking about what pieces they would like to submit.

Please check back on a weekly basis to see if we have implemented the new system; at which time we will start accepting entries.

Posted Thursday, October 13th, 2011

New Artist Biography
Jean Eugene Buland’s “Le Tripot” is an excellent example of the transition that saw him move away from his early Symbolism work to a much more realistic portrayal of scenes from everyday life.


Le Tripot
by Jean-Eugene Beland

“Le Tripot” (translated as “The Gambling Den” or “The Dive”) provides an unblinking look at gamblers from all walks of life huddled around a gambling table, with most only possessing a few chips or coins in front of them. Everyone seems equally resigned to an unhappy end in the smoke-filled room, with an almost palpable sense of surrender and melancholy pervading each and every person.

provided by Samantha Schwartz, from Casino Top 10

To read the full bio and see more images by the artist, visit the Jean Eugene Buland gallery.
Posted Wednesday, October 12th, 2011

New ARC Living Master™ Steven Christopher Seward
We would like to officially welcome
Steven Christopher Seward as an ARC Living Master™.

Seward usually prefers to paint people either doing something or in an environment that is significant or reflective of their lives. This may be due to his father’s illustrator’s influence as well as his admiration for 16th Century Flemish painting.

Click here to see the Steven Christopher Seward Gallery.


Reading Owl Moon
by Steven Christopher Seward

Posted Wednesday, October 12th, 2011

New ARC Living Master™ Joke Frima
We would like to officially welcome Joke Frima as an ARC Living Master™.


Cherry Blossom
in the Early Spring Light
by Joke Frima

Frima a meticulous painter, zooms in with precision on green plants in her compositions. Because of the low viewpoint she takes -Frima appears to be lying in the grass- you quickly creep into these still lifes, making up paths through the foliage. In the dense foliage you can explore.

Click here to see the Joke Frima Gallery.

Posted Friday, October 7th, 2011

Atelier LAAFA Launches New Site
Congratulations to The Los Angeles Academy of Figurative Art, who was named one of American Artist Magazine’s Top 10 Art Schools.

ARC Approved™ Atelier LAAFA recently re-launched their new website at, which includes new features such as student and instructor galleries, detailed information on all their programs, and even an online community.

Currently accepting spring applications. Loans and scholarships available.

For more detailed information on their programs, please visit or feel free to email them with your questions at

by Artist/Instructor
Sergio Sanchez
Posted Friday, October 7th, 2011

On the Training of Painters: The Atelier’s Past and Present Exhibition
circe On the Training of Painters: The Atelier’s Past and Present

September 1st to October 14th 2011

This exhibition will include work from over 90 Atelier painters, including ARC Living Master™ Kirk Richards and will be held at the Bloomington Theatre and Art Center and The Atelier Studio Program of Fine Art.

To find out more about this exhibition and to see more newly listed events and exhibitions, please click here.

Our Events and Exhibitions page is regularly updated. Be sure to check back often!

Posted Wednesday, October 5th, 2011

Amazed by ARC
“Dear Fred,

I recently discovered the ARC website and was amazed and touched at your honesty and bravery in speaking out against modern ‘art’. I’m an English painter and musician residing permanently in Nevada and just getting back into art following an eleven year hiatus.

The reason I left my art for so long was due to disillusionment with the art establishment and its often bizarre view of what it considered to be ‘art’. The final straw for me was when I visited a high end gallery in London and was shown work by an alleged artist who literally dabbed neat watercolors onto the edge of a sheet of paper before dipping it into a bucket of water. The result resembled a $5 tie dye t-shirt pattern. The pretentious gallery owner told me that this work was as good as, if not better, than that produced by the Royal Academy which was located just down the road.

I will soon join ARC as a member, and as soon as I have enough paintings, I plan on entering ARC contests. I’m very pleased to learn of ARC’s existence and feel comforted in the knowledge that there are other people out there who feel the same way about art as I do.”

-Mario Parga

Click here to read the full letter.

Posted Tuesday, October 4th, 2011