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New ARC Approved Atelier™
The Beaux-Arts Atelier of the Institute of Classical Architecture & Art, is our first school whose primary focus is classical architecture. They offer a one-year intensive program in the study of architectural design following in the method of the Ecole des Beaux-Arts. Students receive in-depth instruction in an atelier setting while also pursuing coursework in observational drawing, architectural drafting, systematic design methodology, the classical orders, geometry and proportion, traditional methods of architectural wash rendering and drawing, the history and theory of classical architecture, modeling and sculpting. Students also conduct detailed studies of New York City’s architectural masterpieces through on-site observation and field drawing.

To see their new page on ARC, click here.

Posted Thursday, January 31st, 2013

Water Street Atelier Open Studio Night
The Grand Central Academy’s Water Street Atelier will be having an open house in conjunction with The Beaux-Arts Atelier on Thursday February 21st from 6 – 8pm. The four studios on the sixth floor will be open for visitors to peruse portrait, figure, cast, still-life and landscape drawings, paintings, and sculpture of both students and faculty. On the 3rd floor the classroom and studio of the Beaux-Arts Atelier will display their student’s architectural drawings, reliefs, and models.
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Posted Wednesday, January 30th, 2013

New ARC Associate Living Master
Renowned artist, Thomas Kegler, is a self-taught painter, producer, and certified teacher residing in Western New York. He is a Senior Fellow and instructor for the Hudson River Fellowship. Kegler’s traditional oil paintings of landscapes, still life, and figures draw from the Masters’ approach to the canvas. Revisiting the processes and techniques of the Old Masters in light of classical and contemporary subjects guid his expression of life’s subtleties. He is committed to the consistent growth and development of his skills and to the promotion of art education with an emphasis on classical training. He has self-produced an instructional documentary video focused on traditional plein air painting approaches. Kegler regards the act of painting as an opportunity to recall moving personal experiences and portray these events as poetic statements.

To view his new gallery on ARC, click here.

Posted Thursday, January 24th, 2013

Part Three of Teaching Series Published
ARC Associate Living Master™ John Pototschnik has recently published part three of his teaching series titled “Training the 21st Century Artist”. The series features the works of ARC Living Master’s™, Michael John Angel, Juliette Aristides, and David Hardy, with special interviews. This series is available to the public at the following links:

Click to view Part I

Click to view Part II

Click to view Part III

Italian Man by John Angel   
Posted Wednesday, January 23rd, 2013

Studio Incamminati Exhibit in Epoch Times
The Epoch Times, which is a large international newspaper available in 35 countries and 19 languages recently published an article titled Studio Incamminati Celebrates 10 Years of Teaching Realist Painters in Philadelphia after learning about the exhibition from the ARC Blog. The Epoch Times regularly reports on news topics promoted by ARC as well as the ARC International Salon and ARC Philosophy.

To read the full article click here.

Posted Tuesday, January 22nd, 2013

18th Annual LA Art Show 2013
The 2013 LA Art Show will be taking place from January 23 – 27, 2013 at the LA Convention Center (South Hall). ARC Living Master™ Erik Koppel and ARC Associate Living Master™ Mark Lovett will both be on exhibit with Rehs Galleries, and
ARC Associate Living Master™ James van Fossan’s Magnum Opus, will be on display as well with S R Brennen galleries.
In addition, The California Art Club will be exibiting a special showcase titled Human Landscapes at booth #314.

South Hall J and K
1201 S. Figueroa St.
Los Angeles, CA 90015

Posted Monday, January 21st, 2013

Last Chance to Enter the 2012/2013 International ARC Salon
Deadline, Monday Jan 21

This year we are offering more awards then ever. In addition to our over $50,000 in cash awards, and publicity on the Art Renewal Website and in our full color Salon Catalogue, this year, Fine Art Connoisseur Magazine will be publishing an article on the top winners of the ARC 2012-2013 Salon. In addition, Plein Air Magazine will be giving out a special award to one artist to be featured in their magazine. ARC Director of Operations, Kara Lysandra Ross, will write an article on the top winners for the Epoch Times, a large international newspaper that publishes in 36 countries and 18 languages, and Streamline Publishing, producers of Fine Art Connoisseur and Plein Air will be creating a DVD featuring the Best in Show winner. The video will also feature ARC, the philosophies with special video interviews, and will include the works of all winners and all finalists. (a $25,000 value).

Also, this year, your first entry comes with a free copy of the 2012/2013 ARC Salon Catalogue, so don’t miss out.

To enter the Salon click here.
(Entrants must be registered with an account so we can keep track of your entries, a free membership option is available)

To review the prospectus click here.

The 2012/2013 Salon will have five judges who are as follows: ARC Chairman Frederick Ross, Dr. Vern Swanson, Michael John Angel, Eric B. Rhoads, and Patrick Wilshire.

To read more about our esteemed judges click here.

Posted Friday, January 18th, 2013

Agape: Mario Andres Robinson Exhibition
ARC Living Master™ Mario Robinson will have approximately 40 paintings and drawings on display at the Skylight Gallery in Brooklyn. The exhibition will run from February 17 through May 31. The opening reception will take place on February 17 at 3:00 PM. It is sponsored by The NY Council for the Arts as well as others. Robinson is also pleased that in connection with this exhibition, he will assist the directors of Restoration Plaza to revive their art program and expose traditional training techniques to a broader audience by lecturing in a three part public program. The program includes an artist talk and slide presentation, a live model class with Mario A. Robinson, and a youth arts workshop.
For more information on this and other events and exhibitions, click here.
Posted Thursday, January 17th, 2013

ARC Associate Living Master ™ James Van Fossan in NBC News article
“Since leaving the corporate world to focus on his art full time seven years ago, Vail, Colorado based painter James Van Fossan has brilliantly told the story of people’s lives, struggles and triumphs on canvass while commanding some of the highest recognitions in realism…Van Fossan now proudly unveils “Magnum Opus,” which he considers perhaps his greatest work to date — a powerful and compelling multi-figure piece using a ballerina as the centerpiece in the metaphorical human and artistic struggle between support and acceptance and forces that aim to crush our spirit and potential.”
To view the NBC News article, click here.

To read the full press release from which this article in NBC News was taken, click here.

Posted Wednesday, January 16th, 2013

New ARC Allied Organization™ The Atlantic Poetry Guild

“Poetry” by Alma-Tadema
The Atlantic Poetry Guild exists to help revive the significance of traditional poetry in our culture. They conduct public readings of the great poets, to restore their work to the cultural centrality it deserves. They host a series of professional development seminars for teachers of English and Language Arts, to offer guidance on how to present these masterpieces in the classroom, and maintain a weblog, The Quarterdeck, where they present thoughts and reflections on poetry, teaching, and the great works. Although the Atlantic Poetry Guild focuses on poetry versus the visual arts, their core beliefs are in line with the ARC philosophy. “Nothing is so important to the spiritual and mental flourishing of a people as its art. The stories they tell, the buildings they inhabit, the public spaces in which they gather, the songs they sing, the fashioned images they gaze upon, these things shape their souls more permanently and effectively than anything else.” – Mark Anthony Signorelli, Atlantic Poetry Guild founder.
Their next event will be a public reading of Victorian Poetry, Monday, April 29, 2013 – 7:30p.m., Spring Lake Public Library, Spring Lake, NJ

To read more about this sister organization who wishes to revive the appreciation of classical poetry, click here.

Posted Tuesday, January 15th, 2013

Opportunity to study with ARC Living Master™ Virgil Elliott
For all interested artists, a rare opportunity has arisen to study with ARC Living Master™ Virgil Elliott, who has an opening for a few new part-time students.
Painter/writer Virgil Elliott (born 1944) is best known as the author of the book, Traditional Oil Painting: Advanced techniques and concepts from the Renaissance to the present, published in 2007 by Watson-Guptill Publications. Acknowledged as a Living Master by the Art Renewal Center, among the many honors and awards he has received over the years, Virgil is widely recognized as an expert on historic oil painting techniques and oil painting materials of the past and present.

“The future of art depends on the quality of the art of today and its power to inspire and influence artists and art lovers, now and in the decades and centuries to come. Just as contemporary representational artists have been inspired and influenced by the great works of artists of centuries past, so must we strive to create compelling masterpieces that will carry forward the torch of quality into the future.”

If you are interested in studying with Virgil Elliott, please visit his website for more details by clicking here.

Posted Monday, January 14th, 2013

ARA Boston, Scholarship Competition

“Justice” by ARA Instructor
Brian MacNeil
The Academy of Realist Art, Boston is holding a scholarship competition. One scholarship is to be awarded for a year’s free tuition (school year, September 2013-June 2014) for their full time program in Boston. Equivalent value is up to $6,150.
Entries are accepted from the worldwide artist community. Applicants must be 18 years or older by September 2013 and not currently or previously enrolled at any Academy of Realist Art location. Team entries are not accepted. Deadline for submission is March 15, 2013. The winner will be announced March 30, 2013.

To learn more and to enter, click here.

To view more on other scholarship competitions for realist artists, click here.

Posted Friday, January 11th, 2013

California Art Club: Sculpture Exhibition
Classically L.A will run from January 7 – through February 8, 2013, though the opening reception is tonight from 5 to 7pm for all who can attend. The show features the work of several of their members and is being held at the Fine Arts Building: 811 West 7th Street, Los Angeles, CA 90017.

For more information on this and other exhibitions click here.

Posted Thursday, January 10th, 2013

A Special Thank You to Cesar Santos
ARC would like to give special thanks to Cesar Santos for the donation of one of his self portraits to the Art Renewal Center.

Santos is becoming increasingly well known for his edgy works that show the power of realism juxtaposed against modernism. These strong paintings are a poignant statement on what art is, and what the focus of art should be, aka the human form and spirit. Santos recently sold out all seventeen of his paintings at the World of Art Showcase in Las Vegas and gave an insightful lecture at Del Mar College in Texas. In Santos’ words the lecture is about “sharing the ‘why’ and ‘how’ I do what I do”. It can be viewed on youtube by clicking here.

To view more works by Cesar Santos, click here.

Posted Wednesday, January 9th, 2013

Dinotopia: The Fantastical Art of James Gurney at the New Hampshire Institute of the Arts
This show, which was organized by the Norman Rockwell Museum in Stockbridge, Massachusetts, will run from Feb. 20 through Wednesday, Mar. 13, 2013 at the New Hampshire Institute of the Arts . This exhibition will show 25 very prime works by ARC Living Master™ James Gurney, including Dinosaur Parade and Dinosaur Boulevard.

Celebrate the opening of this exciting exhibit on Wednesday, Feb. 20 at 5 pm followed by James Gurney’s lecture: Worldbuilding: How to Develop a Fantasy Universe at 6:30 pm. The opening is free and open to the public. Gurney’s lecture is part of the Institute’s Distinguished American Artists Discussing Art lecture series and the cost to attend is $20.

For more information, please click here.

Posted Tuesday, January 8th, 2013

New ARC Associate Living Master™
We would like to welcome John Pototschnik to the Art Renewal Center’s Artist and Living Master’s Gallery™.
Many may remember his work from the recent 2011/2012 International ARC Salon, where he won third place in the landscape category for his painting of “Winter’s Dance”.
About his work, Pototschnik has said the following “My artistic influences are diverse. They range from the Barbizon painters of Corot, Daubigny and Millet, to the American tonalist, George Inness. It is my belief that all I need to know of the principles of art are to be found in the works of the Masters. My paintings are not flamboyant, not mysterious, not trendy, nor are they shocking. I am interested in depicting the truth about life, as I see it, in a naturalistic way – free of frills and bravado. I enjoy painting simple, common, everyday life and objects as things of beauty and worth. Through continued hard work, I strive to show the dignity and value of the subjects I paint. I hope to give to society paintings that transcend the culture and its ever changing tastes…paintings that speak to the heart.”

To view his new gallery on ARC click here.

Pototschnik is also in the middle of teaching a three part series titled “Training the 21st Century Artist”. The series features the works of ARC Living Master’s™ , Michael John Angel, Juliette Aristides, and David Hardy, with special interviews. This series is available to the public at the following links:

Click to view Part I

Click to view Part II

Part III will be published shortly.

Posted Monday, January 7th, 2013

Studio Incamminati Exhibition and Painting Demonstration
The artists and alumni of Studio Incamminati are celebrating the school’s 10th anniversary with an exhibition at the prestigious National Arts Club in New York City. Enjoy more than 50 works from accomplished artists, including Founders Nelson and Leona Shanks.
The Artists of Studio Incammnati Exhibition

Jan. 4 –14, Monday–Friday, 10 A.M.– 5 P.M.

The National Arts Club
15 Gramercy Park South
New York, NY

For more information, please click here.

Posted Friday, January 4th, 2013