Drawing for Educators Workshop at the Southern Atelier
Although appropriate for anyone wanting to increase their technical drawing skills, this weekend workshop is geared for art teachers. Participants will be introduced to a 19th century drawing curriculum known as The Charles Bargue Drawing Course. Throughout the workshop, participants will learn how to control proportion, organize values, and increase their sensitivity when drawing realistically. K-12 lesson plans will be provided so that participants can immediately integrate these skill-based drawing concepts into their current curricula.
The Southern Atelier
Sarasota, FL:
Sat – Sun 12/13-12/14 2014 9:30-12:30 & 1:00-4:00

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Posted November 19th, 2014

David Bowers Best in Show
Congratulations to ARC Living Master™ David Bowers for winning Best in Show for his painting, “After the Bath” at the 9th Annual International Guild of Realism (IGOR) exhibition.

The IGOR exhibit will continue through November 28th at the Robert Lange Studios in Charleston, South Carolina. Among the artists exhibiting are ARC Living Masters™ David Bowers, Vala Ola, Ardith Starostka and ARC Associate Living Masters™ Don Clapper, Ed Copely, Mary Jane Q Cross, John Boe Paulsen, and James Van Fossan.

After the Bath by David Bowers
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Posted November 18th, 2014

Epoch Times Article on Adrian Gottlieb

Morning Roses by Adrian Gottlieb
ARC Living Master™ Adrian Gottlieb has recently been featured in an Epoch Times article titled “Painter Spotlight: Adrian Gottlieb, a Poet With Paint”.

“Adrian Gottlieb is considered to be one of the best living portrait painters in the world. A true poet with paint, he manages to imbue his works with an exceptional sensitivity that sets him aside from many of his technically acclaimed peers.”

To read the rest of the article,
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Posted November 17th, 2014

Russian Academic Figure Drawing Workshop
The Florence Academy of Art is proud to offer for the first time at its location in Florence, Italy, a workshop in Russian figure drawing.

The Russian Academic Figure Drawing Intensive, taught by artist, Iliya Mirochnik, March 23 – 27, 2015.

For Russian painter, Iliya Mirochnik, behind all visual representation must lay a firm knowledge of the conditions that make our visual perception possible. The Russian Academy of Arts (also know as the Repin Academy) made this the keystone of its philosophy during its 250-year history, and is renowned for having preserved and synthesized the artistic approaches of the 18th, 19th, and 20th centuries throughout the years. In The Russian Academic Figure Drawing Intensive, students learn to identify the anatomical elements and structures that should remain constant in a figure drawing or painting regardless of the length of time spent on the work, or the media in which it is created. During the course, students work from the nude figure, on a combination of one long pose and a series of special assignments in which students produce quick sketches ranging from 10-45 minutes with specific goals set for each. These exercises help to reinforce important principles discussed in class. Under the instructor’s guidance, students use their knowledge of anatomy to depart from the model and be free to accentuate various elements in their drawings.
Artist, Iliya Mirochnik
Figure drawing in sanguine
Demonstrations by Iliya Mirochnik take place throughout the class.

For information about The Florence Academy of Art, please visit www.florenceacademyofart.com.

Posted November 14th, 2014

ARC 2013-2014 Salon Winners in Fine Art Connoisseur
Stephen Bauman’s painting “When I Was Young”, winner of the Fine Art Connoisseur Award and first place in the Imaginative Realism Category in the International 2013-2014 ARC Salon, is featured on the December 2014 cover of Fine Art Connoisseur. This issue also contains an interview with the artist, as well as an article about the salon showing several of the award winning artworks.
“Founded in 1999 by the New Jersey collectors Fred, Sherry, and Kara Lysandra Ross with several of their fellow scholars, the Art Renewal Center (ARC) is a nonprofit educational foundation that encourages the reemergence of traditional art and training techniques. Fortunately, the fruits of its labors are becoming ever more apparent as time goes by.”

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To view the 2014-2015 ARC Salon Prospectus and to enter the competition, click here.

Posted November 13th, 2014

Academy of Realist Art Unveils New Website
Academy of Realist Art is pleased to announce the launch of their new website. The new site has many new functions and an art store where users can purchase original art work online. The site is also responsive to various screen sizes, and automatically adjusts it’s layout to ensure an optimum user experience regardless of which device the site is being accessed from.

To view the new website, please visit http://academyofrealistart.com/.

Posted November 12th, 2014

Julio Reyes Exhibit

Headwinds by Julio Reyes
ARC Living Master Julio Reyes™ will have a solo exhibit of works at the Arcadia Contemporary gallery on 51 Greene Street New York, NY 10013. The show opens on November 13 and continues through the 30th. The opening reception will be from 6 – 8p.m. on November 13th.
Julio is also part of the Contemporary Realism Biennial at the Fort Wayne Museum of Art on 311 Main Street, Fort Wayne, IN 46802. Every two years, FWMoA organizes the Contemporary Realism Biennial, an exhibition of the most compelling trends in realism as explored by the most skilled American and international artists.

ARC will be loaning Julio’s painting “Headwinds” to the museum for this show.

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Posted November 11th, 2014

New ARC Allied Organization™
National Oil and Acrylic Painters Society, a new ARC Allied Organization™, encourages the development of excellence in art through its annual “Best of America” juried competition and exhibit as well as through other activities that include art workshops, instruction, online exhibits and public art education.

The 24th annual “Best of America” competition is now taking place at the Vine Gallery in Osage Beach, Missouri. Artists have a chance to win cash and merchandise prizes as well as have their work acknowledged by many national publications including Fine Art Connoisseur Magazine, Art of the West, and Southwest Art Magazine.

Red and White by Cheng Lian

To learn more about NOAPS, please click here.

For more information about the competition, please click here.

Posted November 10th, 2014

9th Annual IGOR Exhibition

Ernest, Which Stamp is Real?
by Don Clapper
The 9th Annual Exhibition of the International Guild of Realism will be hosted by Robert Lange Studios and unveil 75 artworks from 70 award winning artists from around the world.

The exhibition runs from November 7 - 28, 2014.

Among the artists exhibiting are ARC Living Masters™ David Bowers, Ardith Starostka and Vala Ola, ARC Associate Living Masters™ Don Clapper, Ed Copley, Mary Jane Q Cross, Jon Boe Paulsen, and James Van Fossan, as well as many former ARC Salon finalists.

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Posted November 7th, 2014

Patrick Devonas Creating Monument
ARC Living Master™ Patrick Devonas is creating the first figurative monument dedicated to the victims of the witch burnings that occurred throughout Europe from the 15th to the 17th centuries.

The monument tells the story of Katharina Schmidlin, an 11 year old girl who said that she could make living birds out of clay, which resulted in her execution for witchcraft in 1652 in Lucerne, Switzerland.

About the monument, Patrick said, “To this day, women and children suffer most due to the all to common power hungry activities across the globe. This monument is meant to stand as a beacon of hope, that in the face of the most vile abuses, healing is possible for both victims and perpetrators.

Every human being has a little Katharina inside who was wronged at some point. The question is whether a person will fall prey to anger/ depression or find a transcending healing power. I think there are no recipes for healing, but a collective hope for it can help individuals find a unique path in the direction of personal healing and dignity.”

Bronze prototype for the Katharina monument by Patrick Devonas

Posted November 6th, 2014

Important 19th Century Art Auction

Dans Une Ville de Campagne Alger by Frederick Arthur Bridgman
On November 6th, Sotheby’s New York will have an auction of important 19th century European paintings.

This sale will consist of 110 lots and include important works by William Bouguereau, Leon-Jean-Basile Perrault, Elizabeth Gardner Bouguereau, John William Godward, Frederick Arthur Bridgman and more.

To find out more about the auction, please click here.

Posted November 5th, 2014

Peter Fiore Exhibition
ARC Living Master™ Peter Fiore is having a solo show of 35 paintings running until November 30, 2014 at the Travis Gallery in New Hope, PA.

Opening night for the exhibit will be on Saturday, November 8, 2014 from 5-8 p.m.

For more information about this exhibit, please click here.

Golden New Year by Peter Fiore

Posted November 4th, 2014

Max Ginsburg Open Studio and Sale
ARC Living Master™ Max Ginsburg will be opening his studio for visiting, viewing, and buying small works, studies, and illustrations.

The studio will be open from December 12 -14, 2014 and is located in Long Island City Arts Center, 44-02 23rd Street Studio 515, Long Island City, NY 11101.

For more information about this event, please email maxginsburgstudio@gmail.com.

Posted November 3rd, 2014

New ARC Associate Living Master™
ARC is pleased to welcome Jerry Luisi as an ARC Associate Living Master™.

“The subject matter of all my art is primarily the human figure. My work is a reflection of my basic view of the positive nature of humanity. Through the use of the figure, I attempt to show the beauty of the human spirit, both mind and body.

In my work, even though I’m presenting a moment in time in which the figures are mostly motionless, they all show the capacity to move and to live according to positive values.”

To see Jerry Luisi’s gallery, please click here.

Laurie – right side view by Jerry Luisi

Posted October 31st, 2014

PleinAir Magazine Salon Winners
The winners of the bi-monthly PleinAir Salon competition have been announced and are featured in PleinAir magazine’s e-newsletter.

Winner – Best Figurative
Chasing Shadows by John Buxton
Winners of the bi-monthly competition will be entered into the annual contest. Click here to take a look at the winners.

The October/November PleinAir Salon is now open, with the winners announced in mid-December. ARC Living Master, Joseph McGurl will be the judge of this upcoming competition.

To find out more details about this competition held by PleinAir Magazine, please click here.

Posted October 30th, 2014

New Sculpture Workshops at The Florence Academy of Art
The Florence Academy of Art offers a full time NASAD accredited Certificate program and intensive workshops in Sculpture. New this year is a two-week all-day course, Sculpting the Portrait from Life, with Eran Weber and Sanne Van Tongeren. Regular demonstrations and individual critiques will guide students through basic and advanced concepts of the portrait, light and form, anatomical and proportional canons to support a visual understanding, analyzing depth and understanding contour movement in space.

For information about the Florence Academy, please click here.

Solomon by Eran Webber
Life size, Bronze, 2010

Posted October 29th, 2014

Sign up for this Da Vinci Initiative workshop with Charles Miano & Mandy Hallenius at The Southern Atelier in Sarasota, FL.
Although appropriate for anyone wanting to increase their technical drawing skills, this weekend workshop is geared for art teachers. Participants will be introduced to a 19th century drawing curriculum known as The Charles Bargue Drawing Course. Throughout the workshop participants will learn how to control proportion, organize values, and increase their sensitivity when drawing realistically. K-12 lesson plans will be provided so that participants can immediately integrate these skill-based drawing concepts into their current curricula.
Sat – Sun 12/13-12/14 2014 – 9:30-12:30 & 1:00-4:00 – $300

To register, click here.

Posted October 28th, 2014

Last Day DVI Kickstarter
We are very happy to announce the DVI Kickstarter for their first online-class is fully funded! A very special thank you to all the backers! The support they have received not only financially but emotionally through your comments and letters has been truly inspiring and motivating to us all. The DVI does have other landmarks, the next one of which is a second course, so any additional funds that come in are more than welcome and will help them create even more great content.
Shadow Box Demo From NJ Art Education Conference
If more donations come in, but the second landmark is not met, they will use the funds to create a few shorter educational videos about different ways to use skill-based training in classrooms K-12. These will be posted for free to the public on their recently started YouTube channel which can be found by clicking here. The Kickstarter ends this Saturday at 7:28pm. They already have some ideas for these including a video on how to construct a low budget and collapsible controlled light box for classroom use, an image of which you can see here in this picture from the NJ educational conference they went to earlier this month.

To view the Kickstarter or to donate, click here.

Posted October 24th, 2014

The Uncanny Exhibition

The Proposal by David Gluck
October 3 – 31, 2014

SR Brennen Galleries – 124 West Palace Avenue, Santa Fe, NM, 87501

Former ARC International Salon Winners Teresa Oaxaca, David Gluck, and Katherine Stone take viewers on a journey to the mysterious side of the creative mind. Freed of devotion to observational truth and inspired instead by the meanderings of the mind, these paintings force the viewer into a world that is “uncomfortably strange”.

To see more on this and other exhibitions, please click here.

Posted October 23rd, 2014

11th Annual International ARC Salon Competition
We started accepting entries to the 2014/2015 International ARC Salon Competition on October 1st.

Participants will compete for recognition, cash prizes, and a chance to have their work seen by some of the more than 5,000,000 annual visitors to the ARC website, as well as in other reputable venues.

For the first time we will be having a live exhibition of some of the winners and finalists at the MEAM (Museum of European Art Modern), a museum dedicated to contemporary realism in Barcelona, Spain. Also, for the first time, we are offering an exhibition at a top New York City gallery. Rehs Contemporary Galleries, Inc., New York City, NY will select a group of approximately 15 finalists who will be asked to supply the gallery with additional images. From those finalists, the gallery will choose 4 – 6 artists for a group show to be held at their gallery on 57th Street either late 2015 or early 2016. Also, Streamline Art Video will award one finalist a showcase as a key featured part of a DVD on the ARC Salon.
The ARC Salon will also have press coverage in at least six magazines and two newspapers; Fine Art Connoisseur Magazine will be publishing an article on the top winners of the 2014-2015 ARC Salon as well as select a finalist for a featured article. In addition, Plein Air Magazine, American Art Collector Magazine, Western Art Collector Magazine, American Fine Art Magazine, and International Artist Magazine will all be giving out awards as well. This year Brandon Kralik will be writing an article on the 2014/2015 ARC Salon for the Huffington Post and ARC Director of Operations, Kara Lysandra Ross, will write an article on the top winners for the Epoch Times, a large international newspaper that publishes in 19 languages.

To read the prospectus and enter the competition, please click here.

Posted October 22nd, 2014