ARC Scholarship Competition Begins May 1st
The 16th Annual ARC Scholarship competition is set to begin on May 1 and will run through May 31, 2016.
Each year, the Art Renewal Center gives $30,000 in scholarship money to talented and deserving students who are well on the way to becoming the next great artists of the 21st century.

At ARC, we view our Scholarship program as one of the most important. In order for future generations to create great art, we must not lose the accumulated knowledge of the last several centuries. We know these methods are still taught at ARC approved ateliers and schools. The students who are the recipients of these scholarships will receive the training necessary to create masterpieces and carry the knowledge to the next generation.

2nd Place Scholarship Winner 2015 – Radoslav Topalov
To view the rules of the upcoming scholarship competition, please click here.

Posted April 25th, 2016

ARC Store Print Sale

Detail of Spring Flowers by Alma Tadema
Celebrate Spring with a fine art print! Our fine art prints make the perfect gift for Mother’s Day or any occasion!

All proceeds support the Art Renewal Center’s website and programs.

To visit the store, please click here.
You can also choose a print from the ARC Museum.

Posted April 22nd, 2016

MEAM Purchase Award in ARC Salon
The MEAM (Museum of European Art Modern) is a museum dedicated to contemporary realism located at the Gomis Palace, in the middle of the streets of the Born in Barcelona. This a neighborhood where culture is always present and reflects the charm of the old part of the city, an area that knows how to mix tradition and modernity and has become a required visit for tourists interested in Monumental Barcelona.
The MEAM will be awarding a purchase award to one of the entrants of the 12th Annual ARC Salon Competition. This purchase award will be displayed in the European Museum of Modern Art on public view and it will become part of the permanent collection of the museum. Therefore it will always be exhibited during the months this collection is on exhibit.
Shane Wolf accepting his MEAM purchase Award from the museum’s director José Manuel Infiesta, 2015
To view other awards in the 12th International ARC Salon and to enter the ARC Salon, click here.

Posted April 21st, 2016

Hubert Robert – A Visionary Painter
The first monographic exhibition devoted to the Hubert Robert since 1933, the exhibition presents an exceptional and varied selection of some 140 works including drawings, paintings, sketches, engravings, monumental paintings, large decorative works, and furniture. It was made possible by generous loans from preeminent heritage collections, holding works by the artist both in France and abroad.
The exhibit is being held at the Musée de Louvre – 75058 Paris, France from March 9 – May 30, 2016.

For more information on this and other exhibitions, please click here.

Posted April 20th, 2016

New Book by ARCLM™ Richard Whitney
ARC Living Master™ Richard Whitney has recently published Painting the Visual Impression, a beautiful full color book which summarizes the fundamental ideas of representational painting. It focuses on how to paint light and shadow and the look of nature.

“Learning to paint involves learning to see and guidance from a master craftsman. This book is a supplement to studio instruction. It can easily fit in a paint box. Although I have written this book for other artists, anyone with an interest in art can read it and greatly increase their appreciation and understanding of classical realism.”

To order Richard Whitney’s book in paperback or kindle format, please click here or visit his gallery on ARC.

Posted April 19th, 2016

Plein Air Magazine Award in ARC Salon
This award is sponsored by Streamline Publishing. One artist, who paints in a plein air style, will be chosen to have a feature article done on their work in Plein Air Magazine. This award will be chosen by the magazine’s editor M. Stephen Doherty and publisher B. Eric Rhoads. Painting from nature out-of-doors, en plein air, and painting from life are the foundation of all painting throughout the history of art. Today tens of thousands of artists and collectors have joined a new plein air movement, which you can follow in the new Plein Air Magazine.

To view other awards in the 12th International ARC Salon and to enter the ARC Salon, click here.

Posted April 18th, 2016

The Fine Art Connoisseur Award in ARC Salon
Sponsored by Streamline Publishing. This award will be an article award given to an individual finalist to be included in the Fine Art Connoisseur printed magazine. In addition, Fine Art Connoisseur will still be publishing an article on the some of the other winners of the 12th Annual ARC Salon as they have done the past three years. This award will be chosen by the magazine’s editor, Peter Trippi and publisher Eric B. Rhoads. Fine Art Connoisseur serves art collectors and enthusiasts with innovative articles about representational paintings, sculptures, drawings, and prints. The magazine has developed a particularly strong reputation for its editorial coverage of realism, a field of artistic excellence generally overlooked by other periodicals.
To view other awards in the 12th International ARC Salon and to enter the ARC Salon, click here.

Posted April 15th, 2016

Guild of Boston Artists New Members Exhibition
The Guild of Boston Artists, an ARC Allied Organization™, is formally introducing their new artists in this exhibition. The artists will be divided into two groups to speak about their work on Saturday, April 16 & April 23 at 2 pm.

The Guild of Boston Artists is located on 162 Newbury Street, Boston MA 02116 and runs from April 2 – 25, 2016.

The events are free and open to the public, but RSVP’s are required.

For more information, please visit

Posted April 14th, 2016

12th ARC Salon Live Exhibition
Although availability for a traveling exhibition is not required for entry into the ARC Salon or for winning the top awards in the ARC Salon, we will be having a live showing of many of the winners, honorable mentions, and some finalists that will travel from New York City to the MEAM (Museum of European Art Modern), in Barcelona, Spain. The MEAM, dedicated to contemporary realism, will exhibit an approximate 75 works from the 12th annual ARC International Salon at their museum. The ARC Salon’s works will be mounted at the same time the MEAM mounts its 9th Figurativas Painting and Sculpture Competition. The MEAM competition is organized by the Foundation of the Art and the Artists, which is, along with the ARC Salon, the other most important competition for representational art in the Western world. The totality of the exhibition will take place between the Spring and Winter of 2017. We will also be providing an opportunity for qualifying artists to sell their works at these venues if the artist chooses to make them available for sale.
To view other awards in the 12th International ARC Salon and to enter the ARC Salon, click here.

Posted April 13th, 2016

ARCALM™ Xiang Zhang News
Congratulations to ARC Associate Living Master™ Xiang Zhang for winning the Sam Houston Award – 2016 Committee’s Choice Award for his painting “Palo Duro Breeze” at the Night of Artists in the Briscoe Western Art Museum, San Antonio.

The exhibition, running from April 3 – May 15, 2016 is located at the Briscoe Western Art Museum – Jack Guenther Pavilion, 210 W. Market Street, San Antonio, TX 78205

Posted April 13th, 2016

Grand Central Atelier Exhibition
Residents is a group exhibition featuring new work by the nine resident artists of the ARC Approved™ Grand Central Atelier.

The event is being held at the Eleventh Street Arts – 46-06 11th St., Long Island City, NY 11101 and runs from April 15 – June 3, 2016.

Opening reception will be on Friday, April 15, 2016, 6-9 p.m.

For more information about this show, please visit our exhibition page.

Posted April 12th, 2016

New Award in 12th International ARC Salon
The Oil Painters of America Award – $1,000

Oil Painters of America (OPA) is a not-for-profit organization representing more than 4,000 artists throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico. Founded in 1991, OPA is dedicated to preserving and promoting excellence in representational art. Its primary focus is to draw attention to the lasting value of fine drawing, color, composition and the appreciation of light. The mission of OPA is to advance the cause of traditional, representational fine art by providing a forum in which artists can display their art in regional and national competitions. In addition, the organization is committed to providing educational opportunities to its members through its newsletter, critique program, scholarships, workshops, seminars, and demonstrations by today’s masters.

This $1,000 award being given out by the OPA will recognize one ARC Salon Finalist that embodies the beliefs and goals of the OPA. This award will be juried by an OPA representative.

For more information about the salon awards, please click here.

Posted April 8th, 2016

Synesthesia Exhibition
The fourth collaboration between Rehs Contemporary and the ARC Approved™ Ani Art Academies takes its title from the fascinating perceptual phenomenon known as Synesthesia. Each work in this unique collection of works from the Ani artists was inspired by a particular song or specific aspect of music.

The Rehs Gallery, also an ARC Salon Gallery Award sponsor, is located on 5 East 57th Street, 8th Floor, New York, NY 10022.

The show runs from April 9-29, 2016 and the opening reception takes place on April 9, 2016 from 3-8p.m.

To learn more about his exhibition, please click here.

Posted April 7th, 2016

Made in California Exhibit
The Made in California Exhibit, which runs from April 2 – 23, 2016, will be presenting works by ARC Living Masters™ Julio Reyes and Jeremey Lipking among many other talented artists.
The show is taking place at the Arcadia Contemporary Gallery located at Bergamot Station, Gallery G-3, 2525 Michigan Avenue, Santa Monica, CA 90404. The Arcadia Contemporary Gallery is currently sponsoring an ARC Salon Gallery Award in the 12th Annual ARC International Salon competition.

For more information on this and other exhibits, please click here.

Posted April 6th, 2016

ARC Salon and High-School Students
For the first time, within the ARC Salon, we will be hosting an independent side competition for realist high-school artwork. Through the work of The Da Vinci Initiative, atelier-style schools that have young artist programs, and high school teachers with a passion for skill-based art education, the ARC Salon seeks to acknowledge and encourage the growing skills of these young artists by expanding the ARC Salon to recognize their work. These works by our talented youth will not compete in the main categories of the ARC Salon, but in a separate division specifically for young students. In this year’s ARC Salon, we would like to recognize at least one of these such students and their teacher and school for their outstanding accomplishment in the visual arts.
Oil study by 17 year old Katie Li
To view the prospectus and to enter the 12th annual ARC Salon Competition, click here.

Posted April 5th, 2016

Academy of Realist Art Edinburgh Approved to Give European Academic Qualification
ARC Approved™ Academy of Realist Art Edinburgh is now approved to give a nationally and EU recognized qualification. Edinburgh Napier University and the Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework (SCQF) has awarded Academy of Realist Art Edinburgh the ability to give an Advanced Diploma in Classical Atelier Drawing and Painting. On the SCQF the course is rated at Level 9, the equivalent of a Bachelor’s Degree, and is recognized and transferable throughout Europe.

To learn more about this atelier, please click here.

Posted April 4th, 2016

Nexus Exhibition
The Nexus exhibition is co-curated by David Gluck and showcases the work of artists from two seemingly dissimilar artistic disciplines: painting and tattooing.

The works in this show are all paintings by fine artists who have been influenced by tattoo culture and the imagery intrinsic to that culture; by tattoo artists who wield paint brushes; and by several individuals who have successfully made a dual career out of both painting and tattooing. In these paintings one can witness the influence and crossover between the two mediums and subcultures.

ARC Living Masters™ Adrian Gottlieb, Jeffrey Hein, and Julio Reyes will be exhibiting along with award winning ARC Salon artists David Gluck, Erin Anderson, Carl Dobsky, Teresa Oaxaca, Sergio Sanchez, and Vincent Xeus among many others.

The show runs from April 8 – May 7, 2016 at the Abend Gallery on 2260 E Colfax Ave, Denver CO, 80206. The opening reception is on Friday, April 8th, from 6-9 pm.

To learn more about this and other exhibitions, please click here.

Posted April 1st, 2016

ARC Salon Gallery Awards
The ARC Salon offers exhibitions and sales at top galleries.

Arcadia Contemporary, Santa Monica, CA, in cooperation with ARC will select a group of approximately 15 finalists who will be asked to supply the gallery with additional images. From those finalists, the gallery will choose 4-6 artists for a group show to be held at their gallery at Bergamot Station G-3, 2525 Michigan Ave sometime in 2017 or early 2018. All works selected for the exhibition must be available for sale.

Ar・ca・di・a: – Noun – A Mythological Greek region frequently chosen as the background setting in works of fine art. A real or imaginary place offering peace and simplicity, Arcadia Contemporary has held the highest standards for 21st century realist art.
To view the prospectus and to enter the 12th annual ARC Salon Competition, click here.

Posted March 31st, 2016

The Paris Seminar: An Exhibition and Workshop Series of American Realist Painters
ARC Approved™ Laguna College of Design located on 2222 Laguna Canyon Road, Laguna Beach, California 92651 is holding an exhibition from April 1 – 14, 2016 which will include a live tandem figure painting demonstration by Adrian Gottlieb and Kate Sammons on April 8th on LCAD’s Main Campus and additional lectures, presentations and panel discussions will take place on April 9, 2016.

The LCAD artists featured in the exhibition include LCAD’s Chair of Fine Arts, Hope Railey and LCAD student and professional artist, Vanessa Rothe. Also included in the exhibition are Andrew Ameral, Ryan S. Brown, Michelle Dunaway, Adrian Gottlieb, Richard Greathouse, Michael Klein, Alan J. Lawson, Jeremy Lipking, Iliya Mirochnik, J. Judson Monroe, Kate Sammons and Aaron Westerberg.

After the exhibition closes at LCAD, The Paris Seminar will travel to New York City and open at the Salmagundi Club in New York on April 28, 2016.

For more information on this and other events, please click here.

Posted March 30th, 2016

New ARC Approved Atelier™
ARC is pleased to welcome the Magrath Sculpture Atelier as our newest ARC Approved Atelier™.

The Magrath Sculpture Atelier at Gage Academy of Art is a multi-year, part-time Atelier designed to confer the core disciplines needed to become a practicing figurative sculptor at a high level of excellence. Led by celebrated sculptor Michael Magrath, students learn to become adept in both traditional approaches as well as 21st-century concerns in a variety of media.

To learn more, please click here.

Posted March 29th, 2016