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Nymphs and Satyr, by William Bouguereau (Detail)
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2010-2011 Salon Competition Judges

e will be announcing the results of the 2010-2011 Salon Competition on August 1st 2011. Please visit our website on that date or after to view the results. We are also proud to announce the Judges of the Salon are as follows:

Dr. Vern G. Swanson: Swanson has his Phd from the Courtauld Institute of Art, London, England and is the Director of the Springville Museum of Art, Utah. He is a lecturer/scholar/writer and expert on 19th Century European Art and Russian Art through the 20th Century. Swanson is the leading authority on Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema and John William Godward and author of the Catalogue Raisonnés for both artists.

Peter Trippi: Former Director of the Dahesh Museum of Art in Manhattan, Trippi is now the Editor of Fine Art Connoisseur magazine, which provides art collectors and enthusiasts with in-depth editorial coverage of historical and contemporary representational art authored by well-known experts. Mr. Trippi is also the leading authority on John William Waterhouse (1849 - 1917) and the author of J.W. Waterhouse, which was published by Phaidon Press in 2002.

Fred Ross: Founder and Chairman of the Art Renewal Center, Ross is the leading authority on William Bouguereau and co author of the recently published Catalogue Raisonné William Bouguereau: His Life and Works. Ross received his MA in art education from Columbia University. His speeches and essays are read by over 300,000 art professionals, educators, students and fans each year; and have become required reading in countless classrooms. Ross is also a well known collector of 19th century European painting and of Contemporary Realism as well.

Michael John Angel: Mr. Angel is an ARC Living Master™ and regarded as one of the foremost figurative painters alive today; with his paintings hanging in both public and private collections on both sides of the Atlantic. From 1982 to 1988 he was the Director of the National Portrait Academy in Toronto, Canada, and from 1992 - 1995 the Assistant Director of the Florence Academy of Art in Florence, Italy. In 1997, his school, the Angel Academy of Art was founded with the assistance of Lynne Barton. Angel Academy is now one of the most successful Atelier Schools in the world, requiring of its students the highest standards of traditional techniques.