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Nymphs and Satyr, by William Bouguereau (Detail)
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ARC Approved™ Artist and Living Master Demonstrations

Juliette Aristides

Seattle-based artist, Juliette Aristides, provides and lecture and demonstration of drawing and painting at the LCSC Center for Arts & History on January 18, 2013 to compliment her exhibition Allegories with Sacred Cannon.
Juliette Aristides

The introduction to a wonderful book and its companion DVD 'Lessons in Classical Drawing' by Juliette Aristides. An excellent practical resource on the techniques of the old masters.
Allan Banks

Follow Allan R. Banks in the creation of a Plein-Air Portrait start to finish.
Jacob Collins

Extra unseen footage from Jacob Collins painting in Hunter, NY.
Ed Copley

ASTA founder and modern day old master artist Ed Copley shares some of his technique, working with a live model.
Philippe Faraut

Sculpting demo by Philippe Faraut.
Philippe Faraut

Philippe Faraut sculpting Demo. The effect of methamphetamines on a face sculpted in water-based clay made as a tool for D.A.R.E. This sculpture was originally created for the artist's young daughters to show some of the effects of drug abuse. The lesions and more graphic aspects were deliberately not depicted.
Philippe Faraut

Techniques of Sculpture: Geometry in the Clay Portrait. By Philippe Faraut.
Peter Fiore

Landscape artist, Peter Fiore, paints a study of a winter field from his Landscape a Day series. Edited by Sam Mordenga.
Daniel Gerhartz

A clip from the 6-Hour painting demonstration of Daniel Gerhartz, "Her Mother's Locket" available for purchase ON DEMAND. As an extra bonus, there are hi-res closeups of the painting so you can view while watching the demonstration. Gerhartz creates one of his stunning masterpiece's from start to finish in his home studio in Wisconsin.
Donato Giancola

Donato Giancola using reference images to create an imaginative realist work of something that does not exist in real life.
Max Ginsburg

Max Ginsburg Legacy of an American Painter, Streamline Art Video painting demo.
Daniel E. Greene

Daniel E. Greene demo and lecture.
James Gurney

James Gurney "How I Paint Dinosaurs DVD" promotional.
James Gurney

The James Gurney YouTube channel, where you can find lots more videos by and featuring James Gurney.
Thomas Kegler

Thomas Kegler painting demo. Excerpts from Painting en Plein Air DVD parts one through ten.
Erik Koeppel

Techniques of the Hudson River School Masters with Erik Koeppel, Streamline Art Video.
Judith Pond Kudlow - NYK Academy

The Realist Sight-Size Method with Judith Kudlow for an introduction to realism and the sight-size method working from a still-life set up. Harlem Studio: NYK Academy.
Jeffrey Larson

The trailer for a demonstration and interview video of Jeffrey T. Larson, fine artist from Wisconsin.
Rob Liberace

Rob Liberace demos an alla prima portrait on the first day of his workshop, "The Painterly Sketch: Advanced Alla-Prima Portrait." In part 1, Rob starts with a basic underpainting in browns and blacks.
Rob Liberace

Robert Liberace describes the anatomy of the arm while drawing the "flayed" view which shows the muscles and tendons as they would appear under the skin. He uses a three color chalk technique to create "ecorche" drawings of both the front and back of the arm and hand.
Rob Liberace

Free yourself from stiff renderings of the human form and find the confidence to create your own representation of the model. Join renowned artist Rob Liberace for a fast-paced yet comprehensive lesson in figure drawing as you learn how to keep your pieces lively and powerful with essential instruction in this exciting new guide. DVD excerpt from American Artist.
Rob Liberace

This video shows clips from Robert Liberace's drawing DVD, "Anatomy: The Torso."
Rob Liberace

Painting the Figure in Grisaille: DVD Excerpts. This clip shows clips from the dvd by artist Robert Liberace. A grisaille is a monochromatic (limited color) painting.
Rob Liberace

Robert Liberace draws, the figure an portrait in red chalk, black chalk, three color chalk, pencil, and grisaille.
Rob Liberace

Robert Liberace: Painted Sketches Excerpts from two instructional painting dvds by Robert Liberace. Includes The Figure in Oil Sketch dvd and Alla Prima Portrait dvd.
Jeremy Lipking

This is a four minute clip of Jeremy Lipking painting the models earring from The Portrait Sketch DVD with Jeremy Lipking. The clip is played with the commentary track with Jeremy and Tony Pro. In the DVD demonstration Lipking shows his process of painting a portrait from life in one sitting.
Richard MacDonald

Jordi Caballero dances for master sculptor Richard MacDonald in Monterey, California as he models in his studio.
Richard MacDonald

Time-Lapse footage of a week of work in the studio of Sculptor Richard MacDonald.
Richard MacDonald

Richard MacDonald captures the strength, beauty, and grace of the performers from Cirque du Soleil in this video.
Richard MacDonald

Richard MacDonald Sculpting Transcendence.
Pietro Annigoni

There is a five-minute BBC film from 1961. In it, we see Annigoni preparing his tempera and then painting with it.
Lance Richlin

Lance Richlin - Time lapsed Demo
Mario Robinson

Mario Robinson at work.
Nelson Shanks

Nelson Shanks "The Portrait As Fine Art". Nelson Shanks, world-renowned painter, art historian, art teacher, connoisseur and collector, distilled the principles upon which Studio Incamminati stands from his lifelong experience and devotion to fine arts.
Duffy Sheridan

Duffy Sheridan - demo - The beginning of the oil painting process.
Dan Thompson

Figure Drawing II: The Gesture with Dan Thompson.
Jeffrey Watts

This video highlights Jeffrey Watts" new 6.5 hour DVD program focusing on 9 different lighting scenarios you should master. If you are looking to improve your portrait painting skills you will love this program.
Jeffrey Watts

Jeff Watts: Drawing from the Model in Charcoal
Jeffrey Watts

Jeffrey Watts 'At the Opera' - six minute demo.
James Van Fossan

James Van Fossan painting demonstration.
William Whitaker

William Whitaker brush care demo.