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Nymphs and Satyr, by William Bouguereau (Detail)
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  • Where did it all begin?

    by Karen Watkins

    Hello fellow GOOD ART lovers!

    I have wondered for a long time, what is the most solid theory for why the art world went so bad at the time of the impressionists? I can't believe that the general consensus of the people looking, appreciating, and buying art in the days of the late 19th century bought into the Picassos and even Van Goghs without some serious coaxing. Who was responsible mainly for the changing face of art approaching the 20th century? Do we blame the art dealers, galleries, and where did these movements towards, excuse my term, garbage art begin? Certainly not in England with Sir Dicksee as president of the Royal Academy! Were the French primarily responsible?

    I have to say I greatly struggle with the concept each and every day. I am an antiques dealer, and I am afraid I contribute to this horrible injustice just to feed my kids :( Picasso & Dali are what people want in their homes to impress their friends. What truly makes me incredibly sad, despite the fact that the Minneapolis Museum would even THINK to sell off one of Bouguereau's finest works, The Bohemian, is that when it did sell, it sold for less then $1 million, whereas Picasso's Boy went for over $100 million. I often wonder how long it took Bouguereau to paint the Bohemian, verses how long Picasso took to paint Garcon la Pipe! I bet if talent were measured in time, no matter how you would compare the two, with the exception of auction price records, Bouguereau would ALWAYS win hand down.

    It makes me ill to think how such injustice is carried out in the art world. I THANK GOD every day for ARC for honoring the greatest of all talents! I personally have always had quite a love for Dicksee, Caravaggio, and of course Bouguereau.. the REAL talents.

    Does anyone know who bought the Bohemian, and what is really to become of her? I know she was sold to a private collector, I just wonder if we will ever see her as an adoring public again :(

    I appreciate all of your opinions on this increasingly frustrating topic. I just joined this group, and wondered what your intelligent consensus thinks ;)


    Karen Watkins