Cove Patterns and Turtles Too! by Mary Pettis

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Mary Pettis

Cove Patterns and Turtles Too!


40.64 x 50.8 cm | 16 x 20 in


  • Honorable Mention / Plein Air Painting

"Cove Patterns and Turtles, Too! was painted entirely on the cliffs of the Kapalua Coastal Trail in Maui. As I began to plan this painting, absorbing the rhythmic patterns of this cove, I found myself mesmerized. My breath synchronized with the inhale and exhale of the undulating surf. Slipping into the zone, I contemplated the living nature of this magnificent place. The rigid, stationary rocks below me were once fluid and shifting lava, emerging from the living crucible that birthed the island underneath my feet. The waves, disrupted by the rocks’ inflexibility, will eventually wear them away into something new. And among the turbulence below, sea turtles remained unmoved, calm as rocks beneath the surface of the water. This painting is about that continuum, painted with the recognition that two days on the Kapalua Coastal Trail can serve as a metaphor for our lives on this planet." – MARY PETTIS