Mind Over Music by Patricia Alonzo Diaz

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Patricia Alonzo Diaz

Mind Over Music


25.4 x 20.32 cm | 10 x 8 in

Charcoal and color pastel on paper

  • FWSD Award

"I created this drawing for a themed exhibit, Synesthesia, that was held at Rehs Contemporary Galleries. Synesthesia is an unusual phenomenon that takes place between the areas of the brain that cause an alteration of the senses. Can colors have a sound or shape? For those with synesthesia, the answer is yes, they can actually hear colors or see music.

I had never heard of synesthesia before, so it was both an interesting and challenging concept for me. I feel that I represented this phenomenon in my charcoal and color pastel drawing by suggesting that the girl was 'tasting' the music with the broken CD, and as result, 'hearing the color' with the purple wavelengths coming out of her ears." – PATRICIA ALONZO DIAZ