Dark Incense by Jun Liu

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Jun Liu

Dark Incense


80 x 60 cm | 31 1/4 x 23 1/2 in

Tempe and oil on linen

  • Honorable Mention / Portraiture

"'Tired aunt' - my granddaughter used these two words of her limited vocabulary to describe this painting. Actually, I find a really unusual beauty in the moment the person in this painting rubs her eyes in exhaustion.

The Miao Nationality is a kind, hardworking group of people. Their dressing can show their wisdom and hard work. I like the elaborate costumes and the styles worn in my paintings.
It took me almost half a year to complete this piece, and I continually adjusted the style from the period of tempera paintings in the Netherlands and the classic canvas style at the beginning to create the painting that is now in front of you." - JUN LIU