Flower Language by Jie Cai

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Jie Cai

Flower Language


110 x 55 cm | 43 1/4 x 21 1/2 in

Oil on linen

  • First Place ($2,500 Cash Award) / Portraiture

"Flower Language is an oil painting with a unique take on the image of a little girl holding flowers. There are multiple levels of design in this image. For example, there is plastic film and yellow tape throughout the painting. These are simple objects we see around us every day. However, the effective combination of these objects makes the picture different from others and provides different visual feelings. Of course, this piece still introduces other ideas due to the strange juxtaposition of these objects with the little girl. Little girls and flowers often symbolize beauty. Girls' naive and innocent faces are a little dignified, suggesting that the future may not always be sunny.

The plastic film in the forefront of the painting adds to this atmosphere, while increasing its dimensions. The yellow tape on the screen makes the image more interesting and three-dimensional while also making the picture more visually contemporary." – JIE CAI