Shroud of Qingdao by Angus McEwan

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Angus McEwan

Shroud of Qingdao


55 x 103.5 cm | 21 1/2 x 40 1/2 in


  • Third Place ($500 Cash Award) / Landscape

"Interpretation of our complexed, visible world involves more than just innocent eyes; it requires a thoughtful and directed approach which belies mere copying. An aesthetic judgement of an object which would not be considered beautiful in the traditional sense requires the viewer to contemplate a combination of qualities including shape, color and form.

It is with this interpretive point of view that by chance, I came across this boat on a beach one late November day while on a visit to Qingdao, China to attend the opening of an exhibition. I was immediately taken with the boat which had obviously been half buried on purpose and covered with a rough, thick blue cloth to protect it from the elements. Having very little time, I drew a few of the boats that caught my eye, but I knew this one was going to be particularly interesting to paint.

The painting was always going to be challenging, but I decided that I would represent as much as I could the overwhelming amount of stones and pebbles strewn across the beach. The 'shroud' is painted in watercolor on handmade Khadi paper, but with a technique you would not traditionally expect to encounter with this medium." – ANGUS MCEWAN