Artist's Collection by Susan Paterson

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Susan Paterson

Artist's Collection


78.74 x 73.66 cm | 31 x 29 in

Oil on panel

  • Second Place ($1,000 Cash Award) / Still Life

I have been exploring still life in my work for several years and have built up quite a collection of objects to paint.  I especially love painting silver and am fascinated by the other world presented in the reflections.  I usually work smaller and with fewer objects but for this piece I wanted to go big and complex.  I wanted a casual thrown together composition that included my favorite pieces.  It's a homage to the beauty and craftmanship in everyday objects of days gone by.  Some pieces were handed down to me and others I've found in antique shops but they all inspire me.  The complex composition was fascinating to paint - carefully studying each object and the interplay with its neighbor, finding reflections of reflections, and the mysterious world that was reflected back to me.