Prometheus by Justin Kendall

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Justin Kendall



139.7 x 91.44 x 101.6 cm | 55 x 36 x 40 in


  • Honorable Mention / Sculpture
  • First Place ($2,500 Cash Award) / Fully From Life

In mythology, the titan Prometheus was known for his intellect, as well as being a champion of mankind. He gave man fire, enabling both civilization and progress. As punishment for this crime, the gods condemned him to endure eternal pain by being chained to a rock and having his liver devoured daily, only for it to regenerate and to face the same torture the next day.

How do we treat the modern day Prometheus? Those of extraordinary mind and ability who create the values we enjoy, that enrich our lives. Far too often we have condemned them and judged them just like the mythical gods.

Here I present Prometheus as a man who has changed his mind. After centuries of being torn apart in payment for having brought fire, for enabling our progress, he has finally begun to break his chains. I sincerely hope that we learn to withdraw our vultures so that he may not withdraw his fire.