Remnants of the Past in Contemporary Freedom by Jesser Valzacchi

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Jesser Valzacchi

Remnants of the Past in Contemporary Freedom


101.6 x 116.84 cm | 40 x 46 in

Oil on panel

This work is on loan from a private collection.

"Despite its roots in history, slavery and its remnants are still felt today. Blacks live with restricted freedom and fewer opportunities than whites. My work portrays the contemporary black man, who tries to insert himself as equal in society, but who is not totally free. The chain on one of his hands has broken, but the handcuff still imprisons it. His closed fist shows resistance and struggle for freedom and equality. His steps are not free; an iron ball inhibits his walk, causing his development to be reduced. The environment he’s in is one of progress. The industry working at full steam, establishes structures of hegemony that bind blacks to subordinate service stations, which are socially and economically inferior. Such unfavorable positions are due to the marginalization of the historical context of the process of abolition allied to prejudice." – JESSER VALZACCHI