Stormbringer by Vince Natale

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Vince Natale



38.1 x 68.58 cm | 15 x 27 in

Oil on panel

  • Honorable Mention / Imaginative Realism

“This painting was originally done for a themed exhibit entitled ‘The Tempest.’ My initial thought was, ‘What could be more explicitly and wholly tempestuous than nature?’ But my second question was ‘What aspect of nature would best represent that?’ So, I figured I'd just go straight to the core—the concept, or mythic understanding, of nature itself. I decided that a somewhat loose interpretation of Gaia, the Greek Mother Earth Goddess, known more contemporarily as ‘Mother Nature,’ would be the ticket.

Here I've shown my anthropomorphized interpretation of ‘Mother Nature’ in a dramatic, stormy (tempestuous) setting of her own creation, as the source and controller of the wind and the waves; the bearer and conductor of the light and the dark.” – VINCE NATALE