Brothers by Cathy Weiss

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Cathy Weiss



60.96 x 91.44 cm | 24 x 36 in

Oil on gessobord

Exhibiting at Sothebys, New York

This work is on loan from a private collection.

Brothers is a look into the whole hearted playfulness of baby elephants. These two elephants were inspired by photo reference shot at an orphanage in Africa. What caught my attention is the light hearted playful bonding between these young elephants despite the tragic loss of their mother. The numbers are staggering when the comparisons are made between elephant populations now and only 30 years ago. Conservation efforts are targeting the “vanishing" elephant in particular as their tusks are extremely valuable to poachers.

An empathetic glance can find these animals resilient and strong willed.  I was inspired and wanted to share that the fight for survival against tough odds is often about relationships, not just for animals but for humans as well. We do indeed need each other.