Blue Bower by Rob Rey

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Rob Rey

Blue Bower


40.64 x 30.48 cm | 16 x 12 in

Oil on Panel

  • Rehs Contemporary Galleries, Inc. Award

Lucky are we to find ourselves nestled in such a comfortable nook of the cosmos. We have evolved, of course, to fit this planet like a glove. Yet for that evolution to take place, a multitude of serendipitous circumstances were necessary. It is possible we owe a debt to the vastness of our universe, which has created such statistical possibilities. From our planet's protective magnetosphere and temperature balanced in the range of liquid water, to our Sun's stable size and Jupiter's gravitational deflection of hazardous debris, we are privileged to occupy so tufted a nest. It may be the only soft spot such fragile and short-lived biological creatures as we will ever be capable of reaching; a precious thing, this beautiful blue bower.