Fantasy by Vadim Sekatski

14th Annual ARC Salon (2019-2020)

Vadim Sekatski



50 × 70 cm | 19 1/2 × 27 1/2 in

Oil on canvas

  • Honorable Mention / Landscape


This painting was done completely in the studio.

In development of this work I used graduations of numerous landscape forms created by me in groups with a degree of contrast and strengthening of a cold tint on the level above the water and also strengthening of a warm tint on the level of the top elements of the composition where a warm diffused light is possible. 

The painting is based on my fantasy and free improvisation.

Also, to construct a general idea, a composition and color solution, I used my previous creative searches and practice. 

I used a multilayer technique with a large number of transparent glazes. The painting was completed with a high level of detailing and was very laborious.