East of the Sun by Nikita Budkov

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Nikita Budkov

East of the Sun


101.6 x 76.2 cm | 40 x 30 in

Oil on panel

  • ARC Staff Awards ($100 Cash Award)

Created during many enchanted hours of listening to atmospheric and ambient music, this work embodies my love for traditional folklore and European culture. Within the painting, a young lady awaits with blue and white field flowers while a tiny golden key hangs from her clutched hand, admission to some secret hidden passage. As she hears footsteps, she turns; her illuminated hair catches the last rays of the falling sun.

Playing with the strong directional light on her hair and figure I take great pleasure in investigating the eastern Slavic ornamentation on her traditional Russian dress. She personifies the classic female protagonist, a curious and stoic young lady, her beauty grabs the attention of every viewer instantly. The painting is laden with symbols for those with an equally inquisitive nature. As with all of my paintings, this one is titled after a song. Origins of this title relate to an ancient Norwegian fairy tale East of the Sun, West of the Moon. I surround my paintings with corporeal atmosphere, believing that their mystical mood is one of the most important components in my art, as it subconsciously evokes the viewer to live within it.