Listen by Brian Bailey

14th Annual ARC Salon (2019-2020)

Brian Bailey



71.12 × 58.42 cm | 28 × 23 in

Soft pastel

In this painting the reclining figure is veiled to create a diaphanous barrier or window. The quiet moment of the figure is juxtaposed with an abalone shell in the foreground. The abalone in Italian is “orecchia di mare” which loosely translates to “ear of the sea”. Hence the title “Listen ( listen to the sea).

A sub meaning to this painting is, I was given this abalone shell by a student who had lived in California. At one time California had such abundance they served “abalone steaks”, as big as a dinner plate. Now due to over harvesting, it is hard to find specimens reaching four inches and have become rare. A cautionary tale.

This painting was the Prix de Pastel (grand prize) at the 13th International Association of Pastel Societies Biennial Master Circle Exhibition USA.
It was also part of a solo exhibition at the 4th Biennale Internationale Pastel d’ Opale FR.