Julia Diller

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Julia Diller

United States

Los Angeles based artist Julia Diller owner and trainer at Atelier of Fine Art is dedicated to the preservation of classical realism and the teachings thereof. Atelier of Fine Art is going on 9 years of sole proprietorship with at least 35 to 40 students ranging in ages 14 up. 

Since the age of 12 fine art has been her focus and in the year 1998 finally discovered Atelier training and devoted 4 years of training on a full time basis after college.During this study it became very clear that this was the method to live by and now in 2018/19 it is in full bloom. 


Julia has been represented by Galleries from Scottsdale to Charleston selling her own realist paintings and has a full clientele list of her own.

The mission is simple. To see the highest skill levels revered by the public, and to educate the general audience and collectors of it's true value. To bring about the knowledge of new masters in our time and help raise the bar in the educational institutions around the world which have been severely lacking in classical trainng ,and to nurture in new young masters so they have an even greater chance of success as a fine artist.


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