Joaquin Morales Molero

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Joaquin Morales Molero


Valdepeñas, Ciudad Real, Spain 1964.
Painter and draftsman, since 1988 he specializes in drawing and its various techniques. There are numerous exhibitions, both individual and collective, and collaborations, either in public or private entities, such as the Sokoa Gallery and Xeito Gallery in Madrid, Chagall in Mieres (Asturias) and the Goya Art Gallery in New York. In the latter, in 1995, he participated in the exhibition "The artistic nude. Work on paper by the best specialists. " His drawings have been present in the most prestigious competitions, such as the "Penagos Prize" of the Fundación Cultural MAPFRE; the "Antonio del Rincón" of the Diputación de Guadalajara; the international contest "Fundación Ynglada Guillot" of the Royal Catalan Academy of Sant Jordi in Barcelona; the contest "Gregorio Prieto Foundation" of Valdepeñas where he was awarded on three occasions with two Medals of the Foundation and the 1st Contemporary Art Fair "Arte Sevilla".

We must also mention his graphic work, among which stands out the illustrations in books and specialized magazines, such as the 1st edition of Alberto Vázquez-Figueroa's Green Ring (Plaza & Janés) and Pájaros de cuento de Cristóbal Zaragoza (Seuba Ediciones). Finally, we highlight some bibliographical notes such as the Catalog of Contemporary Art Ibérico 2000 (Anuart), the Dictionary of Art of the 20th Century in the province of C.Real, by Gianna Prodan (BAM), the Dictionary of Spanish Painters and Sculptors of the 20th Century (Forum Artis ) and the Yearbook "Arte y Libertad XII" Galería Arte Libre. In the year 2003 it is possible to emphasize his retrospective exhibition "Dreams to pencil" held in the Municipal Museum of Modern Art of Valdepeñas. Member of the artistic group MANCHA-10 and of the Spanish Association of Painters and Sculptors AEPE.

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