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Andrea Solé Costa


Italian–Argentinian Artist:

Andrea Sole Costa was born in Buenos Aires in Argentina. In Buenos Aires she received her diploma from the Ceramics School of "F. Arranz" and a degree from Escuela de Bellas Artes "P. Pueyrredon".

Andrea Sole Costa received her master’s degree in restoration and painting techniques from the "Institute of Arte" and "Palazzo Spinelli". She started work in 1988 teaching painting techniques to foreign students at a private art studio. In 1989, she started teaching and founded her own art school in 1989 at the former Leopolda Train Station in Florence. 

Teaching has stimulated her to explore numerous techniques and every kind of subject. For her own work, the human figure and portraits remain her principal interest.
The choreographer Alberto Canestro asked Sole Costa to work on the scenography and costumes for four of his dances. This led to the large paintings and the research on different master artists from the past.

She has also done reinterpretations of works by Titian, Durer, Guido Reni and Botticelli. The course led Sole Costa to reconsider the value of realistic painting.

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