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Ken Goshen

United States


Ken Goshen is a NY-based visual artist, integrating traditional painting techniques and contemporary art practices. Goshen was born in 1988 in Jerusalem, Israel. He started his art education his teens, studying at various institutions in both Israel and New York, followed by three years of service in a classified IDF unit demanding a variety of artistic skills.Goshen is an alumnus of the classical painting and drawing Master Class program at Hatahana Studio for Figurative Drawing and Painting (2010 – 2013, Tel Aviv). He earned his BFA (with honors) in Fine Arts with a minor in Printmaking from Parsons School of Design (2013 – 2017, NYC). Goshen works and lives in Queens, NY. 

Goshen’s work is an exploration of the function of representational art objects in an era of digital image ecstasy. It touches on the dissonance between the fragility of memory and the severity of documentation, highlighting the role subjectivity plays in shaping perceptions of the “real.” By bringing together classical techniques and present-day outlooks, Goshen seeks to compose pieces embodying both the weight of nostalgia and an exhilaration of the unexplored.

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