Nyle Major

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Nyle Major

New Zealand

I am a freelance visual artist from Auckland, New Zealand. I have been actively creating, studying and exhibiting for over 9 years. I have studied locally and overseas, have had extensive experience as an artist, and as a result, have developed and promoted my practice to a conceptually sound, technically adept and highly professional practice.

My practice is based upon the 19th century techniques I learned while studying in France. Coupled with a contemporary background, my work has evolved into strong and visually intense atmospheric scenes which attract the viewer to experience multiple levels of visual and conceptual detail.

My Art practice actively pursues Classical Realism and is influenced by Artists such as; W. Bouguereau, Alma Tadema, Lord Leighton, Ingres & Caravaggio.

I couldn’t be prouder to represent a minority of classical realist artists who work closely from nature and endeavour to learn, refine and expand the classical traditions of the old masters

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