Robert Strickland

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Robert Strickland


Born 1988 in Richmond Hill, ON, Canada

Lives and works in Toronto, ON


With a keen eye for observation, Robert Strickland from a young age always nurtured a deep curiosity for his surroundings that have defined his art. Like many budding artists Strickland sought the inspiration of the Group of Seven as a voice of an authentic identity.  The Group remains a model for Strickland, while he continually seeks to advance the visual and cultural language of Canadian artwork.


Strickland’s formal fine art education began at Sheridan College, where he immersed himself in the foundations of painting; mastering colour theory, draftsmanship and design, all of which have become the heart of his art. Seeking a diverse avenue to further perfect his practice, Strickland worked under the tutelage of well respected American realist painters. His passion to learn has also brought him to China, where Strickland worked closely with mainland artists and grasp the intricacies of their traditions. Building upon these experiences have enable Strickland to further deepen his artistic expression as an observer of the here and now. Strickland has developed into one of the premier emerging artist in North America.


Robert Strickland has received numerous accolades for his artwork and has had the opportunity to exhibit his works in Canada, United States and China. 

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