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Jose A. Lopez Picardo


J.A. López Picardo


José A. López Picardo is a Spanish painter, professor and a member of ASPAS (Spanish Pastel Painters Association). He has won his first prize at six, in a six-to-twelve-years-old children’s contest.


He never wanted to exhibit in public because he considered his black and white drawings too much intimate. But then much later, he decided to go ahead with it. From that date, he has exhibited at galleries and cultural halls mainly in Spain and in other countries like Ireland or Polland.




He exibited at the Tennis Club Tenerife




Accepted in ASPAS (Spanish Pastel Painters Association), exhibited at MAC Hall of Art and Arte Neis Gallery




He exhibited at the solo exhibition called Requiem, in IriArte Gallery in Santa Cruz de

Tenerife, Spain and selected for the International Painting Pastel Biennial in Manacor.




His work is published twice in the awarded magazine The Horror Zine based in Sacramento and in Beautiful an Bizarre magazine.He exhibited at Gallery X,Dublin (Ireland) and a solo

exhibition “Réquiem” at Iriarte Gallery in Santa Cruz de Tenerife.




III International Pastel Bienial in Oviedo. “The cupid of the greedy” is selected as finalist (you can find this artwork here at Fleming Gallery Art ) between 19 countries and more than 100 artworks.


He also exhibited at Léucade Gallery Art in Murcia and again at Gallery X en Dublin (Ireland)


2nd Award at XX Premio Nacional de Pintura Enrique Lite of La Laguna University




2nd Award at Premio Nacional de Pintura Dimas Coello 2016 in Candelaria




1st Award Premio Nacional de Pintura y Escultura Óscar Domínguez en Tacoronte.




Pan Pastel Award at IV International Pastel Painting Bienal in Oviedo


Selected for the VII International Pastel Bienial in Polland at Sztuki Współczesnej BWA Sokół Gallery.


Group exhibition in the Hall of Culture in Santa Cruz de Tenerife




Pastel is a painting technique with more than five centuries of history... although some argue that technique employed by artists of Altamira or Lascaux was something like our pastels.

What makes up Pastels? We can almost say that Pastel is synonymous with pigment. Without pigment there is no color. Pigments are what gives color to any material with which to paint. Pastel contains the highest amount of pigment of all mediums.


In Lopez Picardo´s words:


“My artwork is symbolic,humanistic and have a relationship with human´s hopes and fears.I think is a romantic artwork and sometimes spiritual and theological in somehow”




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