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Randall Bennett

United States


Randall William Bennett

Mr. Bennett is a full time artist and the Owner and Director of Tall Grass Museum Services located in Lawrence, Kansas. Tall Grass is a design and fabrication firm that focuses on art related subjects, such as murals, sculpture, and dioramas. Randall spent many years living in various countries around the world. Originally from Kansas, Randall and his wife Helen, have also lived in different parts of the USA

Mr. Bennett earned his Bachelor of Architecture Degree from Kansas State University in 1982. He worked in the architectural profession for a number of years before returning to art school at the Center for Creative Studies in Detroit. After several years of intense study in industrial design, illustration, sculpture, he took a job working in the museum exhibit fabrication industry and has stayed with it continuously, along with his fine art studio projects. 

Randall has been involved with about 70 museums that contain something of his artwork: murals, dioramas, sculpture, artifact reproductions, graphics, photography, illustrations, exhibit text writing, artifact mounts and more. Before starting his own business, Mr. Bennett worked as lead artist and team leader on a number of jobs, which brought recognition and awards. Besides working on museum related jobs, Randall keeps busy working diligently on his personal artwork in his adjacent studio.  He regularly outputs paintings that have won awards and been regarded as of the highest quality. Randall works in many different genres, but finds landscapes to be his main focus.  More of Mr. Bennett’s artwork may be found by reviewing these websites: www.tallgrassmuseumservices.com


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