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Olaf Schneider


Olaf Schneider (b.1964) is a husband, father of two, and grandfather of six. He studied at the Ontario College of Art as well as Sheridan College. In 1986, while painting large scale outdoor advertising billboards for Mediacom Outdoor Advertising. He acquired a strong practical foundation that would become integral to his work today.

Olaf is greatly inspired by mentor Ron Grieg, Norman Rockwell.


For Olaf every piece represents an intense exploration and refinement of his personal pictorial sensitivities, especially as they relate to beauty, form, light, and shade. Composition, colour, and craftsmanship are all elements that become the building blocks of his work. Olaf is a prolific painter who is inspired by the power and diversity of the northern landscape, and anything that needs a "second look".  An explorer by nature, he travels across North America and Europe to gain inspiration.

To keep his mind clear and focused, he limits his exposure to all the media 'noise' we generally are pummelled with daily. He does not watch TV and restricts his time on the computer. He starts his day with God in prayer and meditation. Painting 6 to10 hours a day is common practice. Equally important to Olaf is continued growth and learning.

“I want to always have an open mind so that new ideas may come in. In the mind of an expert, there are few possibilities, but in the mind of an amateur they become endless. This is a God given gift and I value it greatly. If I am able to bring emotion, understanding, comfort, or joy into another's life then I am using it wisely in His glory.

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