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Egle Lipeikaite


I was born in Vilnius, Lithuania in 1971. In 1982-1986 I have attended a school of arts and in 1994 graduated from the Vilnius Academy of Art, Vilnius, Lithuania. Before entering the Academy, I have attended a watercolor studio by Vytautas Peciukonis in 1987. There I fell in love with the wet-on-wet watercolor. Since 2002 I showed my watercolors at personal exhibitions in Lithuania and participated in the International Watercolor Biennials. In 2009 I established my own watercolor studio in Vilnius, where I teach watercolor painting to both children and adults. Currently there are around 100 active students.

In the World Watercolor Competition in 2014, France I became one of the 23 finalists among 2000 watercolor artists.


2003 8th International Watercolor Biennial in Namur, Belgium.
2005 9th International Watercolor Biennial in Namur, Belgium.
2007 10th International Watercolor Biennial in Namur, Belgium.
2009 11th International Watercolor Biennial in Namur, Belgium.
2011 12th International Watercolor Biennial in Namur, Belgium.
2014 World Watercolor Competition, Narbonne, France.
2015 Masters of Watercolor, Sankt-Petersburg, Russia.
2015 Mexico City 1st International Watercolor Exhibit.
2015 Fabriano in Watercolor, Italy.
2015 Sperlonga watercolor Festival, Italy.
2015 Mail Art Exhibition, Thessaloniki, Greece.
2015 International Watercolor Biennial, Slovenia.
2015 LovE@rth Watercolor Exhibition, Indonesia.
2015 International Festival of Watercolor, Albania.
2015 IWS India Biennale Harmony through Watercolor, India.
2015 Watercolor Exhibition of Belgium, International Biennial, Belgium.
2016 International Watercolor Triennial Exhibition - Varna, Bulgaria
2016 1st International watercolor society Canada Biennale, Vancouver.
2016 International watercolor exhibition Baltic Bridges, Kaunas, Lithuania.
2017 1st International Watercolor Festival, Portugal.
2017 Fabriano in Watercolor, Italy.
2017 2nd International Watercolor Biennale Ha Noi, Vietnam.
2018 Masters of Watercolor, Sankt-Petersburg, Russia.

2018 International Watercolor Exhibition "Sensazioni" Acri, Italy

2018 International Watercolor exhibition "Sea unites" Jurmala, Latvia

2019 International Watercolor Festival Lima, Peru

2019 3rd International Watercolor Biennale Ha Noi, Vietnam

2019 Flowed Dance exhibition, Moscow, Russia

Water watercolour series

It happened on a sunny, yet windy, day of fall. I walked on the bank of a lake and observed water. I saw a cold reflection of the sky that was interspersed by the stones lying on the warm sandy bed. The sun ray was jumping like fish on waves. Surges were continuously revealing and diffusing the depth of the underwater world. This cast a spell over me.

As soon as it came to life on wet paper, this watercolour inspired me to create many works depicting water. Lively water that blends with watercolour paint has drawn me into a long and joyous creative process. I started to dream water and to reflect its different moods.

To create a picture, I have chosen the wet-on-wet technique, that is my favourite. I started at the top and worked down weaving the images like a carpet. It was hard to pick the right shade of colour that combines the coldness of the sky and the warmth of the lake bed. It would be difficult to improve afterwards.

I created water watercolours series in my studio, based on my live impressions, watercolour sketches painted by the lake and the photoes.

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