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Alain Amar


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French-Italian Artist born at 7:21am the last day of the spring, four hundred years after the death of Le Pontormo, dead at 21:37pm at an unknown age. Painter of the new coming "Renaissance" of the art of the XXI century.

After being an engineer, composer, organist, film-maker, and film-producer, he began to paint in 1991. His first painting, historical epic about the fall of the Berlin Wall, was in Berlin Museum.

A dreamlike and spiritual artist, he has a sincere and idealistic desire to offer through his artworks: peace, serenity, joy, dreams, passion, poetry, love of beauty, balance and harmony. He studied the art of painting according to the spirit and techniques of the Renaissance. Painting in different layers of colors, each coat is left to dry before the next is added, leaving the artist-monk long intervals to spend in meditation.

Supportive of absolute art and not relativist, he considers that art should be a continual enjoyment and the work of art a delight for the spectator. He tries as far as possible to die every night, to then get the enjoyment of being reborn every morning.




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