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Tomás Ortolani


Tomás Carlos Ortolani (Mar del Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina 1992)
Currently living and working in Córdoba Capital, Argentina.
2019 Participation in the collective exhibition "Realistic show", Cerrito Art Gallery. Cordoba Argentina.
2018 Selection, and participation of the exhibitions, of the ModPortrair 2018, carried out by the Artelibre Gallery. Zaragoza, Spain.
2018 September. Artistic residence in the studio of Winsor and Newton, Griffin. London, United Kingdom.
2018 First place in the international competition "Push your artistic practice", made by Winsor and Newton. London, United Kingdom.
2018 Participation in the collective exhibition "Masters of realism", Cerrito Art Gallery. Cordoba Argentina.
2017/2018 Selection, and participation in the exhibition, of the Itaú Visual Arts Award 2017 - 2018. Ases., Argentina.
2013 Special mention in the 8th Visual Arts Hall Fogolar Furlan. Mar del Plata, Bs. Como, Argentina.

Since I was a kid I always liked the visual arts, so I perfected myself with different masters of illustration and classical drawing and painting, such as Damaris Berramenendez and Juan Manuel Jaymes Roy. I also trained at the National University of Córdoba, studying several years of the Visual Arts career. I do my work with a contemporary approach, but inspired by the techniques of the old masters.

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