Jenny Barnette

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Jenny Barnette

United States

I grew up in Kuwait, a city where women had no rights. Sexuality was a taboo and sculpture a form of sacrilige. My attempts to study any form of art then was futile. It was not until much later in life, and after waking up from a dream, that I attmpted to create some bronzes. I then briefly trained with an artist in France (spring 2006) and later I found myself drawn to the classic figurative sculpture. Everything fell into place when I turned fifty. My kids were adults and I did not need me to be there all the time so I left to to study sculpture at the Florence Academy of Art in Italy. 

In my work, I found it empowering to reclaim womens sexuality.  Though using classical themes, I find myself adding a twist to the past. In my work a woman is independent and powerful. In her world there is no need to have a husband or a man, as she is content with her world. She is confident and relaxed, happy to what she has achieved. 


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