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Annie Murphy-Robinson

United States

Bio- Annie Murphy-Robinson

I was born in 1967, I have a BFA from the University of Southwestern Louisiana (94) and an MA from Sacramento State University (2002)

I work figuratively and mainly of my two daughters. My work is about that space of youth where "magic" unfolds. Defining identity through experimentation, ie) the clothing, the gaze and the pose among other things. Also prevelant is the relationship with animals and the magic that happens in that connection.

The technique that I now exclusively use, began about 15 years ago and involves sanding charcoal into paper as I draw. By using sandpaper to grind in and remove small amounts of material I am able to create finer details. Although I love the finished work, it is very labor intensive. I cover the surface of the paper with compressed charcoal and sand down to a light gray several times. By doing this, I change the inherent nature of the paper (which is an uneven “napp”) and make it uniformly smooth before I start drawing. I work from photographic reference (I take all of the photos) and start at the eyes.

At the emotional level of my work, my main focus is to convey truth and honesty, and for me, the only absolute truth I know is of myself and my children. This truth is filtered through a lens of my own experience, often being bittersweet and questioning.

My work allows the viewer to glimpse a private world of the female- hesitant, insecure and often unaware of the power that they hold. My own experience as a young adult was both beautiful and traumatic. For me, this dark period of my life is always prevalent in my work in one way or another.  I do not run from my past – my art helps me recognize the importance of it and makes it worthwhile. Through drawing I take the power out of the trauma.

My secondary concern is with beauty; aching, haunting and desirable. Everything matters, the wrinkles of the dress, the stains, the fur of the animals and the gaze. More often than not, my subjects meet the eyes of the viewer- inviting them to look and to connect with their own experience and vulnerability.

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