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James Van Fossan

United States

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A self-taught artist, James Van Fossan spent the majority of his early life working in the corporate field. Only seven years ago did he abandon steady employment for his true passion, art. Living master and close friend, Duffy Sheridan, introduced James to oil painting through casual studio sessions, where they discussed art and its philosophies more than they put brushes to canvas. Still, this rare and profound influence was enough to nudge Van Fossan into oils after a lifetime of working in graphite.


"What my work to-date represents is my study of the language and craft of oil painting. Words, like paintings, are used to express our hearts to others. However, a painting can say so much more, and is understood as though it were a universal language. I paint in a realistic manner simply because I feel my primary goal is to represent truth, reality, and to tell the story. I desire to paint and to speak clearly so that the more important matter of what I am trying to say comes through. Like any great craft, the time and detail fostered into a work of realism commands attention and invites the viewer to understand, or at least to consider, the painting. To share my philosophies and thoughts with others in such a beautiful and historical art form is a privilege I am determined to honor as I continue to work with all of my heart and mind on this life-long mission."

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