Rebecca Korth

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Rebecca Korth

United States

I have been expressing myself through art for as long as I can remember.  By the time I reached high school I took as many art classes as possible.  My college years were spent studying a little bit of everything, but painting always stayed with me.  After graduating from the University of Wisconsin Madison, with a Bachelor of Arts degree, I decided to travel to Oregon to study oils with my Aunt, Sandee Burman.  I moved back to Wisconsin in 2005 and have been continually learning new techniques and theories ever since. 

I am considered a realism artist since my approach to a subject matter is to portray it in a realistic way.  I have always loved combining the detail work of still life with the whimsy of adding a bird to the composition.  My main focus is to take objects of meaning or beauty and paint them in their best light.  Telling a story through reflections, shadows and different textures.   

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