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Bernadica Veselic


   My name is Bernadica Veselic. I live and work in Waterloo, Canada. Currently I'm enrolled in part time study at Academy of Realist Art, Toronto and working tovard my graduation. As an artist I'm interested in variety of media and motifs. Oil being one of my old love that i got to after some years. I also like to create with pastels both oil and soft, drawing media including graphite, charcoal and colored pencils. Regarding motifs I like to shift between landscapes, portraits and still-life.

As most artistic children do, I also started to draw from early age and continue through my early education and elementary school. Love for art particularly drawing and painting led me to choose the art field as my professional calling. Back in 1985 I graduated School of Applied Art in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Worked as art teacher in several public schools, through years. As illustrator I also worked for Children Literature Magazine in Sarajevo and for Publishing House in Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Since becoming new Canadian in 1994 my art journey continues.Through community involvements, sketch club, galleries and other means I continue creating art and exhibiting it localy. Created cover and article illustrations for local health magazine and booklet for multicultural woman's group in Kitchener and illustrations for foundraising cookbook, Waterloo. As time passed and I become enabled to create art studio space at home where I continue practicing my art.

As from 2010 I'm student attending part time art program at Academy of Realist Art and learning the process of traditional atelier painting and old French Academy Classics that will cerainly show in my artwork in terms of better drawing structure, stronger composition and effective application of value in my drawing and painting.

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