Kari Visscher

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Kari Visscher


First trained as a medical illustrator with a Master’s degree in Biomedical Communications from the University of Toronto (Ontario, Canada), Dr. Visscher continued her education earning a Medical degree and subspecialty training in Radiology. Recognizing the hospital as a dynamic place filled with inspiring stories, emotional extremes, and many in-between moments, it became her perfect environment to artistically explore the human condition and medical culture.  

Throughout the years spent training to become a specialized physician, Dr. Visscher has gathered reference images and stories that she will use to create paintings that depict her experiences and perceptions of the medical environment that she has spent countless hours engaged with. The hope is to create content that sparks discussion and reflection, not only for patients but also for physicians. As well as to challenge stereotypes and provide an insight into the process of understanding one’s professional identity as a modern day female physician. The series she is currently working on is a pictorial exploration of Radiology aimed to depict the Radiologist’s role in patient care.

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