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Ruchi Arora



Ruchi is an architect and animator from India. Early in her journey she realized the importance of structure as the foundation over which the surfaces are laid out.

This realization led her to take up the study of anatomy for years. She met her mentor Frank Porcu at Art Students League in New York. She studied under his guidance for 2 years after which she returned to India to teach anatomy and sculpting to animation students in India.

She devised a curriculum replete with progressive exercises and projects with strong classical base and yet cater to animation industry. Students responded very well and showed tremendous growth within very short time. 

During these years she kept updating her knowledge and skills by taking a break and going back to New York to study with masters at Art Students League and Grand Central Academy. Currently she is on sabbatical to attend the Sculpture Program at Florence Academy of Art.

She has received many noteworthy awards including the prestigious Red Dot Award and the Jean Gates Award, both from the Art Students League, and the Gladys Blum Memorial Scholarship from National Academy School of Fine Arts. Her work has been exhibited at the Phyllis Harriman gallery.
Work-study scholarships from Art Students League supported her for her entire study.


Her personal work and students projects can be seen on her website:



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