Natalie Featherston

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Natalie Featherston

United States

Natalie Featherston is a contemporary realist painter specializing in trompe l’oeil- a French term meaning literally “to fool the eye”. Her work is inspired by the Dutch Masters and combined with a modern sensibility, where skill and execution of the painting pair with humor and whimsy.

The Chicago Sun Times has described her paintings as, “Artful beyond just illusion and trickery, they are truly masterful still lifes made with both craft and wit.” Ms. Featherston’s paintings have received numerous awards from some of the most distinguished art organizations in the country, including the Art Renewal Center, the Salmagundi Club and the Catherine Lorillard Wolf Club. Her paintings have appeared in The Artist’s Magazine, American Art Collector,Southwest Art, and the Santa FeanMagazineto name but a few of the publications that have featured her work. Ms. Featherston is represented by fine art galleries across the country, and her paintings are sought after by notable collectors including Toni Morrison, Danielle Steele, J.J. Abrams, and Alex Kurtzman.

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