Russell Mackensen

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Russell Mackensen

United States

Russell Mackensen has spent years “seeing” projects in lights and darks, texture, composition, movement, and color as an architect. In 2009 he decided to pursue a life-long interest in fine art by experimenting with Oil Pastels. He soon discovered Oil Pastels were a “natural medium” for his creative talent. The Uart sandpaper ground he works on allows him the ability to produce the painting he views in his mind. Yet, there are challenges. Unlike Dry Pastels, Oil Pastel color selections are limited. His ability to mix, layer, and create true-to-life colors is truly remarkable. In addition Russell is among the few Oil Pastelist’s that purposes to create detailed realism in his work.

Russell desires to produce archival quality work without being behind glass. He does this by applying a Fixative designed specifically for Oil Pastels.

In the world of fine art Oil Pastels are not well known or understood. Therefore Russell endeavors all the more to discover how to bring to light a medium too often overlooked. The early success he has achieved permits him the opportunity to show others what can be accomplished with Oil Pastels

His talent continues to develop demonstrating the interest, realism, and beauty of Oil Pastels.

Grateful for his giftedness—and everything else—he credits his Creator (Romans 11:36). Soli Deo Gloria

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