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Martina Hoffmann

United States


Martina Hoffmann, has been a world citizen since her childhood when she grew up in Germany as well as Cameroon, equatorial West Africa. This time informed her at the deepest instinctual levels and would have a lasting influence on her life and work.

Early, she began creating and later studied art education with professor Kiefer (father of Anselm Kiefer) as well as sculpting with professor Spelmann at the Goethe University in Frankfurt, Germany.


Meeting the American, Fantastic Realist, Robert Venosa in Cadaques, Spain, best known for having been the home of Salvador Dali, would be the beginning of her career as an artist.


Martina Hoffmann’s work has always been guided by the ‘sacred feminine’ and was later inspired by shamanic practices and visions in the Amazonian Rainforest.

Her current artistic style reflects the artist’s personal experience with the shadow’s and light’s perpetual dance and her art is offering a detailed view into her ‘Inner Landscapes’.

A traveler between the worlds and an explorer of the inner planes since childhood, she enjoys creating in a visual language that explores the mysterious and essential nature of consciousness as expressed in all living things.


The ‘Visionary Symbolism’ of Hoffmann’s paintings is decidedly feminine and places the archetype of the ‘Universal Woman’ in an intimate cosmos. She translates her experiences as well as her reflections on our place in the universe in a symbolic style which marries the fantastic to the sacred.



During their 30-year relationship, Martina Hoffmann and Robert Venosa taught a modern approach to the Brothers Van Eyck’s Misch Technique. at such Institutes as Esalen, Omega and the CIISS in the USA and Skyros, Greece., at al. Today, she still employs a version of the Master’s Technique.


Martina has also spoken at conferences and events such as the 25th ITC - International Transpersonal Conference in Prague, Czechoslovakia, the International Symposium on Altered States of Consciousness at the University of Cuernavaca, Mexico, the Prophets Conference, USA, The Promethean Impulse with Stanislav Grof at the HR Giger Museum in Gruyeres, Switzerland, the Women’s Visionary Congress at IONS, USA, The International Amazonian Shamanism Conference in Iquitos, Peru, Chimeria in France, Burning Man, USA and Boom Festival in Portugal.


Her art has been subject to CD, book and magazine covers and she has been published internationally in books such as ‘Modern Consciousness Research and The Understanding of Art’ by Stanislav Grof, ‘The Divine Spark’  by Graham Hancock, ‘Women of Visionary Art’ by David Jay Brown and Rebecca Hill, ‘Feminine Mysticism in Art by Victoria Christian, Lexicon der Phantastischen Künstlerinnen - The international encyclopedia of fantastic & surrealistic & symbolist by Gerhard Habarta, et al..


Martina Hoffmann keeps a home and studio in both, the USA and France.

She has exhibited her work since 1985, with a recent 6-month retrospective at the HR Giger Museum in Switzerland, and she is represented in the permanent collection of the NAIA Museum in Rochefort-En-Terre, France.


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