Vicente Moya Gallego

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Vicente Moya Gallego


Natural of Valencia, Spain. Even as a child I was attracted to the art world and, especially, painting. Seduced by the works of the great classical painters, my dream was to be able to paint just like them. I started studying Fine Arts at the Complutense University of Madrid in 1989, which I would leave in 1992 disappointed because the training they offered me barely satisfied my pictorial concerns. For this reason, I consider myself a self-taught person at a formative level.

For many years I have been dedicated to the realization of commissioned portraits and some of sacred art. After several years in which work and personal obligations for which I have barely been able to paint, I am currently dedicating myself completely again to painting, focused on the realization of my own paintings and trying to rediscover myself in each work.

Defender of the place that corresponds to the figurative and realistic painting in contemporary art, I enjoy the freedom that allows me to paint what I feel and how I feel it, fleeing fashions and trying to stay true to that emotion that woke up in me the love for the art of the hand of the great masters of painting.

Realism is the medium through which I seek to express myself, it gives me challenges and offers me the possibility of improving myself and performing as an artist.

Seduced by this artistic trend, I seek to combine beauty and poetry in my works, for which I am inspired by my closest environment. In some occasions it is a lived scene, in others, I leave an idea or a feeling, being always the human being the main protagonist.



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