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Yuan Liu


      刘元,出生于上海。自幼对于艺术,人文有着执着与热爱。   2000-2004年,就读于并毕业于上海大学美术学院油画系。   毕业后至今为能探知西方艺术而游历30多个国家与当地美术馆。抱着从真正的大师原作中学习的态度去去学习和体验。在读大学与毕业后,曾为上海市教委编著《素描教程》《素描阶梯教程》、等美术教育界知名教材。坚持以振兴上海基础美术教育为己任,与刘双共同创办上海基础美术教育金质品牌双画室美术培训学校、该学校为沪上培养数届上海市美术联考状元,探花等不计其数的顶尖美术人才。   在国家与市级展览与项目中多次参展与获奖、从学生时代开始就参加了2002年上海青年美术大展,与2009年参加了上海美术大展作品《怀思》该作品引起了大量的反响与好评。在之后受美术家协会和上海市政府邀请为陈亚珠院士铸像并被收藏。后又继续被北京市邀请为劳模铸像,并受到大量好评。   2015年参与创办上海青年写实画会并做了大量工作与规划为进一步促进中西绘画的交流作出努力。

     Liu Yuan, born in Shanghai, has a strong passion for arts and humanities.   During 2000 to 2004, Bachelor of Oil Painting Department at Fine Arts College, Shanghai University.   After graduation, he's visited over 30 countries and local galleries to further explore western art, learning and experiencing from the masters' works. He also compiled some famous textbooks, like Focus Teaching You Art Skills, Sketch Tutorial by Steps for Shanghai Municipal Education Commission. He founded Shuang Art Studio, a golden brand basic art education institution in Shanghai with Liu Shuang to promote the development of basic art education. The school has now cultivated numerous art talents, like the champions, second and third places in Shanghai Joint Fine Arts Examination.   He exhibited his works in national and municipal exhibitions or projects and won many awards.   He participated the 2002 Shanghai Young Arts Exhibition when he was an undergraduate.   In 2009, his work Missing in Shanghai Art Exhibition was praised a lot.   Invited by to China Artists Association and Shanghai Government, he cast a statue for academician Chen Yazhu as a collection. Then he cast statues for model workers in Beijing and won many praises.   In 2015, he assisted establishing Shanghai Young Realistic Painting Salon, planning and contributing a lot to facilitate the communication between Chinese and western paintings.

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