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Mary Jane Q Cross

United States

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Bio 2019  Mary Jane Q Cross

Shaping my many years of painting is the love of Art History, biographies of artists I admire and respect, and painters who had a soft surreal gift for storytelling in paint.   

Costuming, atmospheric  effect and a sense of being present emotionally and spiritually, has also given  the paintings a timelessness   that searches for a future that gives hope to the work.  Having something worthy to say in my art industry and especiallypaintings has become paramount . 

 I was born in 1951 and live with my Husband Mark and dog Jewel in New Hampshire where most of my days are spent painting in the studio built for me, writing poetry, essays and illustrated stories  to accompany most of the paintings . The models are all real people and dear friends and neighbors that pass through my life as they age and some of them become noteworthy in their own lives.

Quietly Mentoring artists and collectors has been a delightful way of handing down what others artists and my own experiences have given me. My best times are together with these generous artist s where we share without egos. It is so much more than can be learned at workshops or orchestrated seminars. This alone is a high recommend.

“Respecting beauty, truth and craftsmanship, wins over….shock, ingenuity, and novelty. To this end I will pursue beauty...all the days of my life.”


Poem that accompanies:

Called Out of Darkness Into His Magnificent Light


I ask Thy Holy Spirit teach, With all I am and truly reach,

Show me where my faith should lie, So when I’m called, to lift and fly,

 For where Thou art, I want to be, Quick from this darkness swiftly flee,


For then I’ll see Thee Face to face, living eternally in Holy Grace,

Knowing You as never can be, This side of mortal eternity,

Make my life what You intend, Unto Your Will my spirit bends


Joyous smiles await that day, Actually just a twinkling away,

A Breath alone ‘tween Thee and me, Your breath alone gave us humanity.



Mary Jane Q Cross

Copyright 2019


Mary Jane Q Cross   Cross ……. BFH,  ARCALM    Art Renewal Center Associate Living Master, Salmagundi Club, IGOR, Allied Artists of America, Academic Art Association, American Artists Professional League

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