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Yuliya Lennon

United States

Yuliya Lennon, PhD is a member of the oldest art institution in Great Britain, the Painter Stainers' Guild of London, which dates back to 1283. Her previous works include commissions for the British Army, Amazon Prime series ‘The Grand Tour’ and many international cultural and business leaders.

Dr Lennon's artistic education began in Russia, where she was born. She continued her studies in large multiple figure painting in London under the tutelage of Rosa Branson MBE. Her fascination with the techniques of the Old Masters led to research at London's National Gallery into the methods and materials used by Caravaggio, Rembrandt and many others.

Yuliya's eclectic interests are reflected in her collaboration with fashion designer Anthony Stocker and her portraits of musicians, including the chief conductor of the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra, Alexander Prior.

On a recent visit to London, Dr Lennon gave a presentation5 to over 150 guests, including the Lord Mayor of London, on how her research into the techniques of the Old Masters led to the commissioning of a full size portrait of TV presenter Richard Hammond.

Yuliya, her husband and identical twin girls moved to Santa Barbara, California, in 2016 and Yuliya commutes between England and California for painting commissions and exhibitions.

Yuliya teaches figure drawing and painting and gives lectures in the Techniques of the Old Masters, the History of European Art and Russian Art in both the US and the UK.

+1 805 886 26 55

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