Mavis Li

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Mavis Li

Hong Kong

My deep interest in art began when I was a child. Yet, being educated and brought up in a highly money-oriented environment that devalues art, I had never thought about the possibility of art as a career. It was only until 2012 after a workshop in Florence where I learned the traditional process of painting from life, I felt a surge to move forward. Since then, I have been grasping all opportunities from attending different workshops to visiting museums to realize my desire and passion for art that rooted in my childhood.

I have always been drawn to the sensuality and humanity seen in classical paintings. I am devoted to be a realist painter. My work is an attempt to capture reality and replicate a moment in time that appeals to me. No matter the subject, I search for beauty and re-present it on canvas naturally and realistically as it appears in life. I want to capture not merely the likeness but also the personality, the mood and the essence of my subjects. Art is a powerful way of communication. Through my work, I hope to create a space where viewers can have a glimpse of the reality I see through their eyes and be engaged visually and emotionally. There is true connection when I can give life to a painting and exchange feelings with viewers

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