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Carina Francioso


Carina Francioso is an internationally recognized Visual Artist with works held in private and corporate collections around the globe. Her meticulous attention to detail is clearly demonstrated through her photorealistic oil paintings. Many themes in Francioso’s work correlate directly with some of the 5 elements of nature. Her current work is inspired by her love of the seas and oceans of the world. Her paintings capture moments frozen in time and yet they inspire the movement of imagination, offering the viewer their own interpretation. 

Francioso’s attention to detail has won her numerous awards such as the Arts & Culture Recognition Award by the city of Cambridge, the ARC/Arcadia Contemporary Gallery Award, the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition's Prime People's Choice Award, the Jocelyn Cowan Award, the Pencil & Paper Prize and the 2018 Bernice Adams Memorial Visual Arts Award. Her work is featured in the February 2019 Issue of American Art Collector Magazine, the Jan/Feb 2018 Arts & Entertainment Issue of GRAND Magazine, various issues of Hyperrealism Magazine, and in the Art Renewal Center (ARC)13th International Salon Catalogue.

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